The Matzav Shmoooze: Matzav Blew It

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pinstripes-yankeesDear Editor,

I love your website, but sometimes you guys amaze me. Sometimes, news happens and you just don’t report it. Big news. Even heartbreaking news.

Last night, our captain, Derek Jeter, broke his ankle. Delirious only minutes earlier, fans at Yankee Stadium sat stunned in utter disbelief while they watched Derek being helped off the field, his left leg dangling. The durable captain broke his left ankle in the 12th inning of the AL championship series opener Motzoei Shabbos and is out for the rest of the postseason.

Jeter took four steps to his left for a sharp grounder, landing hard on his left foot, falling and wincing in pain as he flipped the ball toward second base. He then rolled onto his stomach, and a collective gasp was heard when the player who symbolizes championship baseball didn’t get up.

Yeah, I know it is just baseball. But this is the captain. El Capitan. I bichlal don’t farshtei why Matzav doesn’t provide scores and updates on baseball, which is as American as apple pie and is as kosher as the restaurants you eat in. But obviously Matzav doesn’t want to be metamei the website chas v’shalom by actually giving us scores and sports news.

But in an eiz tzara like this, when the captain goes down, can we chutch get a report? Isn’t it a chutzpah to totally ignore this like it mamesh didn’t happen?

His manager wanted to carry Jeter off the field but he would have none of it – not the player who has always been reluctant to sit and prides himself on playing through pain.

“He said, ‘No, do not carry me.’ That is the kind of guy he is,” his manager said.

Jeter’s been a class act and a good guy. I’m not saying he’s a role model. What I am saying is that he’s what’s good about baseball. And baseball is from the few kosher diversions out there.

I am shocked that Matzav would skip this event, a season-ending injury to a player on a team that is rooted for by many frum, ehrliche Yidden. The Yankees are a Yiddishe team. Let’s be honest about it.

Please issue an apology as soon as possible and correct your ta’us.

Hachoseim b’tzaar,

D. Zimmer


  1. You are a major fool!!! matzav is not sports center if you want updates on sports go somewhere else as matzav clearly states on the home page of their website “the jewish world @ your finger tips” baseball is jewish???

  2. Not funny! Very stupid article! Grow up already! If you’re on the internet already, you can easily look up any score you want.
    Btw, the Jets stink & will never amount to anything!

  3. R’ chaim pinchus sheinberg was known to be happy when he heard that the yankees won. i think if its kosher enough for him- its kosher enough for us.

  4. I am extremely INSULTED AND DISAPPOINTED YOU DIDN’T PUT MY NAME AND MY MOTHER’S NAME FOR A ?? ???? ?????.the name is ??? ?? ??????

  5. As I try to get news without seeing entertainment or sports (which you can get on thousands of other new sites), I appreciate a jewish new site that does not post these stories. As I try not to judge,I used to be a crazy sports fan. However, I don’t recall saying Baruch Hashem or used any yiddishe terms in talking sports. And the author asks for an apology. Chutzpah! I also think it’s ridiculous that companies produce sports logos on kippas and they should be apologizing for making my kids look at this in shul. Is nothing holy?

  6. I’m not surprised at all that Matzav does not report on the Yankees or sports in general. I am however shocked that they saw fit to print this letter.

  7. baseball is the most kosher nonkosher entertainment but unkosher nonetheless so i applaud matzav for sticking to the correct torah hashkafa

  8. Believe it or not there are frum people west of the Hudson River who also read this website and don’t necessarily believe that your beloved Yankees represent all of klal Yisroel. We applaud Matzav for not reporting this shmutz. With that said …. GO TIGERS!!!

  9. I too am shocked – at your shock. I remember the Mickey Mantle days of the Yankees, but with the passage of time (and hopefully acquiring some seichel with it), I got to understand my priorities a little better. There’s nothing better to get a person serious than to age and realize that they’re not staying in Olam Hazeh forever, so pick some priorities to take with you when it’s time to leave. Attachment to the Yankee line-up and goings-on isn’t at the top of the heap of Chashivus in Olam Ha’elyone.

    Try to stay attached to the beautiful Yomim Tovim we’ve just experienced, try to keep those tears from the Yomim Noraim from drying out, then you might understand what “news” is worthy of reporting.

  10. No thanks and on the contrary Mister Zimmer.

    I applaud Matzav’s not boring me with senseless subjects such as these. I have much more productive diversions than this silly stuff.

    If they had to start satisfying everyone’s diversions they would eventually lose a big chunk of their following for stuffing our internal memory drives with too much clutter.

    I say stick with the way things have been till now. We don’t want any disappointments!

  11. Here is a link to the story that u wanted to be on this website:

    Its from, a website dedicated to people like u who think that a guy who plays in pajamas and tries to hit a ball is the gadol hador. Why would such shtus ever be put on a website like this. If you want to know about Jerek Deter, then go on a different website, not this one! Matzav didn’t blow it, you did!!!

  12. Reply to #4…what exactly is kosher? Hearing about a team when he probably didn’t ask and affecting a persons mood and or whole mind is a different story. Sports is much differenr now. Look at how the crowds dress now versus 50 years ago plus the language. Players also didnt wear jewelry or have the tattoos like they do today. So don’t say a tzadik would ok it.

  13. Dear Matzav’er Rebbe!
    Thank You for posting this piece.
    It wasn’t a LOL, but it brought a smile to my hectic day. For those who didn’t get it, take it easy.

  14. Dear Don Zimmer,
    We miss you over here in the hallowed halls of the Bronx where you worked with such Hasmoda, against other giants in your field, such as the Red Sox…Please come out of retirement soon, as we need your fiesty spirit to carry us through this time of year.
    Mariano ben Plonis (rivera)


  16. Come on… he wrote it as DON Zimmer(old Yankee coach)….if you recall, he got knocked down once in a huge fight during a game…But, I do appreciate the satire sir, whomever you are!:)

  17. Seems like you found out the sports updated without Matzav. You managed to keep posted…down to the last detail! THanks for your full coverage though. And remember to have “Derek” eretz to one and all!

  18. “people like u who think that a guy who plays in pajamas and tries to hit a ball is the gadol hador.” thumbs up to you Zachin!!!

  19. The FRUM world of NY have always been baseball fans, divrei chizuk of Rav Hutner, Rav Yakov, Rav Moshe and others would at times include a baseball tidbit.
    This has nothing to do with gadlus of sports, idol worship of players just plain ole leisure chatting. In Israel the chatting is about politicis, in Europe it was chatting over market place prices, pogroms and enlightment and in US its sports, the Wall st. Market and fashion news. SO WHAT!!

  20. In honor of rosh chodesh people wear blue and white clothing. The Yankee colors are blue and white pinstripes. So Nu!!!!!!!!!

  21. Did everyone miss the irony of this post? I am not sure if the author was being sarcastic/ironic in what he wrote, or Matzav was posting it as social commentary- as if to say, look at what people are complaining to us about, can you believe it? But I am almost positive that someone along the line didn’t mean this seriously.

  22. I am extremely upset at you for not putting him on the sick list.he is a good bachur who tries hard and gets very well paid for it.I DEMAND an apology

  23. C’omn on now at least there is real news to up space on Matzav . It the site is talking about sports that means there is no crisi to report on instead

  24. I am raging in anger about your despicable non shown chutzpah

    Derek jeter is a very good buchur who tries to be a Ben Yankee. We are all very sad about his injury

  25. Looks like about 10% of the posters understood this was a joke, which is better than the Yankees’ postseason RISP batting avg but still not very good.

  26. ‘go tigers’???????? i live west of the hudson and i think there should have been an article about this. Derek is a fabulous role model for all aspiring young bnei torah such as my three little kinderlach. is this a purim joke not it is nottttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I think the best “all around” Yankee ever, is Dave Winfield. Don Mattengly was clearly overrated! Mantle, also overrated.

  28. The fact that this article got over 50 comments

    shows that it is a rather sensitive issue.

    Legend has it as mentioned by #4 that when

    that revered Rosh Yeshiva(Hagoan Rav Chaim

    Pinchus Scheinberg) ZT”L felt no longer

    affected by the baseball scores He ZT”L made

    some sort of Hakoros Hatov on the occasion.

    However He ZT”L was one of the Gedolay Yisroel

    and we laymen are not on that level.

    Many Gedolim were active in sports as the

    above-mentioned Gadol ZT”L was in his youth

    a lefty pitcher.

    Hanoch Teller relates that the present Rosh

    Yeshiva of Mesivta Tifereth Jerusalem,Hagoan

    Rav Dovid Feinstein Shlita, was a handball

    partner with the late Hagoan Rav Nisson

    Alpert ZT”L, the late son-in -law of the above-

    mentioned Gadol,Hagoan Rav Chaim Pinchus

    Scheinberg ZT”L.

  29. The NY Yankees are an example of avoda zara, and none of their pagan symbols (e.g., their NY logo) belong in a Jewish home, etc.

    That said, the umos haolam need their diversions, so we should wish Derek Jeter well.

  30. I dont think that anyone who commented on this article is fully functioning. (that also includes me, we should all seek some good professional help)

  31. larry, you are the only one here who needs professional help!!! it is perfectly fine to post a comment!! and its not pathetic at all.

  32. wow I’m comment #75 wooooooooooow!!
    when any important thing there were MAYBE, MAYBE 25 comments all of them being “BDE”

    O.K. I guess nobody has time for comments anymore, unless its something that they care about

  33. TO Danny:

    To correct you, R’ Scheinberg Z”L actually said that it bothered him how much he liked them that even though he doesn’t follow them, if he hears that they won he still felt a tinge of happiness!


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