The Matzav Shmoooze: Not a Chossid of The Donald

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trumpDear Editor,

Why is the olam so into Donald Trump? Is he a role model? Would you want him to be a role model for your children?

I don’t disagree that what he’s accomplished is good for the country. He’s shaken things up and told the media to jump in the lake. He’s done good things by breaking with protocol and the like.

However, lemaaseh, beyond all that, he speaks in a grubbe way and has no problem making fun of people. He shows a lack of middos in everything he does and says.

I believe that the ruchniyusdike churban he will wrought is reason enough to think thrice about voting for him.

What do you hold?

Binyomin K.

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  1. At this point i would still vote for Donald Trump, i agree with everything you say, however i think this country is in such a bad state of affairs and going quickly down the path to socialism/ communism. i think Donald Trump will shake it up and get it back to a democracy, because he doesn’t care what people think, because he won’t bend to all the corruption, and because of his grubbe way and lack of middos. he will plow ahead on the path he believes in and not really care about lobbying etc.
    our goverment is so corrupt right now.
    that being said, my real thoughts on the matter is that LEV MELOCHIM BEYAD HASHEM
    that is really the end all to everything. we have to have a emunah and bitachon above all else.

  2. oh and and he is definitely not a role model. is Barack Hussein Obama a good role model? is hillary clinton a role model?
    no no no
    our role models are our gedolim and rabbonim.

  3. The truth is, all politicians are “grubbe” people, except most of them don’t express their grubbe-ness befarhesya.

    Trump says it like it is, and doesn’t let his brain get in the way of his mouth. Whether he’ll make a good President when the reality of the office strikes him (if he’s elected) remains to be seen. All presidential candidates who get elected have a supreme “teaching moment” on their first day in office, and a lot of things change with them.

    In any case, “lev sarim u’melachim beYad Hashem.” The President of the US will ultimately be “elected” by HKBH. Only Klal Yistoel can affect that decision – not by our pontificating and bloviating – but by the zechus of our Torah and ma’asim tovim.

  4. True he’s very nasty and degrading, however, his shittos are very in sinc with the torah Jews lifestyle. He very much wants to keep the country safe at all costs and very strongly fights for the freedoms this country stands on. We as a nation have been persecuted and continue to be in societies that limit freedoms and cover the truth to be nice to enemies being afraid to speak the truth. He stands up for all that. That’s y the olam stands behind him. Everyone who’s running are ba’lai gaa’va don’t kid yourself. We need someone who will stand up for our needs without the usual politician getting paid off. In parshas Yisro one of the requirements to be a Dayan was that he can’t be bought.
    I hope it’s pashut to you now

  5. I know he loves israel and loves jews.
    I don’t know any president with good middos.
    Since when do we have a president who we look up to?
    Who of the choices are you looking up to any how?
    We are so worried for Israel and BH we have someone here that can have a good look and you are worried because he’s calling a few politicians bluff.
    I would once again review your comments and jump on board to a man that’s trying to get past the political bluff.

  6. The Oilam likes good hock. He is the ultimate hocker. He focuses on the petty things, reduces himself to name calling but most of all he is doing what so many people wish they could do themselves and that is telling it like it is. He could care less about anyone or anything. He is not afraid of anything. His approach is intoxicating. He has exposed the media and the politicians for being who we all know they are, but we cannot do anything about it. He did!

    His platform is not real and his campaign lacks any substance. He is not a serious candidate so of course we are in deep trouble in this goldina medina if he wins. The real problem is he can win. I only say that because look who we have now as our president. He also had no platform, stood for nothing and was an experienced junior senator. But he had charisma and he appealed to a certain group and that group went out to vote for him. The republicans cant stand trump but if in the end he is their candidate they will all rally behind him because like all politicians it is never about what is best for the country, it is about winning. Bishvelee nivra haolam is a very serious slogan in their world. Its all about me me me and me.

  7. If he becomes the President of the United States, he will undo much of the damage that this Kenyan-Mooslim did during his 8 years as President.
    Are you so worried that a Trump presidency will take some money out of your pocket? The DemoRats have always used the social $$$$$$$ issue to win elections. The DemoRats expand social welfare just enough to make you dependent upon the few dollars they throw at you and then they threaten to cut you off if you don’t vote for them. They have no real policies. It’s all politics.
    Trump tells it like it is without the stupid political correctness.
    Your question is “Is Trump a role model?” My answer is “Is Obama a role model?” Yet you voted for him twice!! How Stupid!

  8. Very simple. Yes he has major chesroinos and all his supporters are also surely very wary about, but he has one big maila that is both rare and very much needed and craved these days: He honestly speaks and acts his mind – “Piv Velibo Shovim”. He is not a so-called ‘leader’ who says what sounds good, but what he believes needs to be said. I hold people are feeling the Moshol of the Chofetz-Chayim Z”l, that when a fire is burning even dirty water will do.

  9. Non of the candidates are “Tzadikim”. You yourself say “…what he’s accomplished is good for the country” THAT is what we need in a president – a talented, capable leader who demands and commands respect. Not just some figurehead who parrots whatever line he is fed.

    We are not looking for a Rosh Yeshiva here

  10. If the POTUS is your intended role model, then by all means you should vote for the most fine and moral and fine candidate. (By the way, who were your picks for president in past elections, and how did they perform as moral leaders?)

    But you don’t need to be a chossid of the Donald. Most people I know don’t look to the POTUS as their moral compass. They have other people for that. Voters are more concerned about being able to live in a safe and prosperous country, and want the POTUS to look out for the country’s interests. Looking at the current downward spiral of the USA, who can make the USA great again?

  11. binyomin k, i don’t disagree with anything you say about Trump. but, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t vote for him! look what the alternative is!! and anyway, we’re not voting for a “rosh yeshiva’s” position. don’t be so concerned as to what kind of role model he’ll be for your kids. do you think who we have today IS a good role model? of course not! we live in a very “prosta” velt with “prosta” leaders and, unfortunately, the only language these so-called leaders understand is what Trump will dish out to them. my vote is with Donald……

  12. Lichoiro the gavra is posul but the cheftza he represents is ok!
    Don’t confuse the siman (signs) – his ego, with the siba (cause) – the issues at hand!

  13. Not only is Donald Grubbe, he is also Blech. He is as right for a jewish feeling in this country as the toilet bowl is for a place in your living room.

    Think before you vote. Discussing powerful goals of humanity, voice and human value are not looking at a candidate or any group of candidates that disavow human spirit, human worth, good will and human discourse.

    It seems that the only candidates that have any integrity for human reason and faith are Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, Chris Christie and maybe Bush and Kasich.

    This is an important election. We can not build a power hungry structure of hate, power greed, nagging poverty and human reversed human indiscretion.

    Vote carefully. Grubbe is not nice.

  14. In certain area Trump is a role model and then in others, well……

    An example of his midos: Many years ago there was a family living in Los Angeles who had a young son who suffered from a terrible disease. The young boy needed to go to the east coast for some sort of treatment but the airlines would not allow the family to fly him because he was on oxygen and he may cause the flight to do an emergency landing somewhere in between the west and east coast. Donald Trump was informed of this situation and immediately dispatched his private jet to fly the youngster from Los Angeles to his destination on the east coast and then after treatment he flew them back to Los Angeles. Now that’s what I call a roll model. He’s a real mentsch.

  15. If the Donald can promise us that he will make the Dolphins a prominent team once again, then i would vote for him. How much more pain and suffering can we endure? I don’t see any future.

  16. I am too concerned by his lack of basic derech eretz to vote for him. A recent poll shows that between Trump, Cruz, and Rubio, Cruz and Rubio would beat Hillary but Trump would not. To me, that is great news!

  17. I am very heartened to see the many excellent comments here that glaringly show that while Mr. Trump may have some notable Chesronos, the current wicked President and all of the wicked candidates of the Democrat party and even a couple of the very weak “liberal” Republicans, are all well more than a thousand times worse. L’Aniyus Da’ati, Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee seem to be a bit stronger on the moral issues; at the same time, Donald Trump’s very strong willingness to “Bluntly tell it like it is” without any fear of the wicked “Political (so-called) Correctness,” and his very strong condemnation of the wicked Islamic enemies is also important. A Cruz-Trump ticket or a Trump-Cruz ticket, Im Yirtza Hashem, would probably be what we should vote for.


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