The Matzav Shmoooze: Obama Bashing

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obama-ice-creamDear Editor,

You have a nice website and I visit every day to read about what’s going on in the frum world and the outside world.

However, it appears that your site has a strong anti-Obama slant. It really bothers me. This man was elected the president of his memshalah. He is the president and deserves respect.

Even if he’s been a total failure as a president, please stop bashing him, either openly or subtly, at every opportunity.

Thank you for making that improvement.


Zvi Dov Galupkin


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  1. Mr. Galupkin might be living in Israel and as such get doctors care for free. So he has no problem respecting Obama. We have lost respect and have no problem saying so. Mr. Galupkin, try being lower middle class or middle class; then you qualify for no government help whatsoever, and pay for everything. It does get kind of annoying to pay thousands for all those people who illegally collect Medicaid, Foodstamps, Wic and HUD, Welfare, etc. For a lower middle class person, it is nearly impossible to exist. Yes, our president is a failure, and I have no problem saying so.

  2. Ok, So it seems an israeli guy has interests in obama…

    America shouldn’t be bothering you.
    In fact a letter like this should be from an american

    TELL ME: Why do you like Obama? What did he do for you?

    2nd: Matzav: why did you publish this? Reason?

  3. Please go back to the time when Obama was running for president and before. He was disgustingly anti-Bush and even now blames his woes on the former president. Obama showed no respect for the office and is now reaping the results.

    He is openly against everything we stand for, whether in ruchnius or gashmius. He was elected for his skin color since he brings nothing else to the office. Why is he deserving of respect?

  4. Thank you!
    While I dislike the man and his chicanery and anti Irael stance and I also feel that he slapped the American people big time etc. we Yidden ought not be slamming him. Yidden have always be victims of racism ina their host lands since the churban Bayis Rishon and have for millennium davened for the shalom of their king, president, etc. We ought appreciate the freedoms we are accorded in this U.S. of A. While I greatly dislike the currentman officeholder we should not be on bashing side of the fence! We have to appreciate what we have.

  5. Rav Elyashiv,zt’l, said it is not permitted to ridicule President Obama. Rav Chaim Kanievsky said this government is a government of chesed.

    Just because you disagree with him, is no reason to show him dressed as a laughing doctor, an Arab, a monkey… Such dirty Journalism is not the Torah way.
    Sarcasm is only permitted against Avoda Zara . Not the President of the U.S.

    Leolom Yispallel Adom Bishloma shel Malchus

  6. You are very misguided. There is no reason to respect someone who hates this country and who is taking it apart piece by piece. Unlike kings of old WE elected him and WE have the full right under our constitution to express our views about him. WE can even impeach him. In short he works for US not the other way around. If he can go around the world knocking our country he doesn’t deserve respect. He’s an incompetent misguided amateur, getting his life experience while running the most powerful country on earth. May god help us.

  7. Dear Mr. Galupkin,

    In response to your comment “Even if he’s been a total failure as a president……..”

    He is not a failure at all. He promised change and he’s delivering what he promised, “change”.

    He changed our once great nation from a respected world leader into another European failure state with all the trimmings.

    He changed the “Office of the President” into the “Office of Liar in Chief” with a “red line” next to the yellow line down his back and a complete lack of trust, dignity & credibility.

    He changed………….

    I can go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

    You don’t live in our country and you don’t seem to understand the way a “Republic” works.

    Since you live in Yerushalayim allow me to make a simple comparison. If 47% or more of the residents of Yerushalayim would be on welfare and supported by the government would you vote for a qualified fiscal leader or someone who promises to give you even more welfare? Would you vote for someone who will strengthen your country and protect you from the enemies of liberty or would you elect Yassir Arafat as your leader? Kapish?

  8. I hear the concern. However, there is also a benefit in not buying into the falsehood of the mainstream, and showing how ridiculous the ????? ????? are for electing twice a truly unworthy president.

    [It’s not like he was elected with a fare and balanced media…]

  9. With all dues respect to Mr. Galupkin, Obama is a RASHA and deserves every bit of criticism he may be getting.

    Did Mr. Galupkin intercede while Bush was getting mercilessly whacked by the media? Also Mr. Galupkin, you will not mind if Iran will have a nuclear weapon (courtesy of Obama) aimed right at you?

    Please spare us your moral equivalency. America is (still) a free country and we deserve to be heard!

  10. re #8:
    Do you have sources for your quotes from Rav Eliyashiv zt”l and lehavdil bain hachayim l’chayim Rav Kanievsky shlit”a?

    Re the restriction of letzanus to avodah zarah:
    Without getting into the definition of avodah zarah and if it applies here, I suggest you study Rav Hutner’s Pachad Yitzchok, Purim, Inyan Alef, and especially Os Gimel where he says that it is barur that the heter of letzanus applies to any aspect of evil.

    And as far as shlom hamedinah, how about in Norway where they are banning milah? Or in Iran? It is telling that in Frankfort, the shuls were saying tefila lishlom hamedina up to Kristallnacht.

  11. The POSITION a person has acquired does not bring with it respect. Respect can only be EARNED! Our president, the president of the US has repeatedly disrespected HIMSELF, the office which he was elected to and worse of all, the American people. And his policies and disrespect towards one of, if not the STAUNCHEST ally of the us leaves no room for any respect for such a disrespectful, to say the least, person.

  12. From #7: “We ought appreciate the freedoms we are accorded in this U.S. of A. While I greatly dislike the current officeholder we should not be on bashing side of the fence! We have to appreciate what we have.”

    #7, “What we have” is getting systematically taken away from us by Obama and the Statists.

    “What we have” is under continuous assault by Obama and his henchmen.

    We need to stand up and speak out loudly and speak out often. Washington, D.C. is grabbing more and more control of our lives daily by seizing control and making decisions for us instead of us having the freedom to make these decisions ourselves (codeword: ObamaCare).

    The President of the United States works for us. Obama thinks it is the other way around!

  13. I think the issue is that if MATZAV continues to be biased then their news reporting becomes less trustworthy. There are always two sides to every story, whether you like Obama or not. I’m sure we can find commentators who can answer at least some criticism and if MATZAV can’t print any than we’re just burying our heads in the sand.

  14. The last I checked, it was still a free country & we’re allowed to speak what’s on our mind. Although, the way things are going, its probably going to end very soon.

  15. There is a difference between disagreeing with someone and picturing him in a silly fashion.

    Do you see the Gedolai America or Gedolai Israel mocking the President

    May we never experience a Melech Reshaw


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