The Matzav Shmoooze: Our Children Need Our Attention

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Dear Matzav,
As a professional in the field for over two decades, i rejoice that open communication with our children all year ’round especially before camp  is now the new norm at least to some extent.
This includes awareness of who your child’s friends are, technology usage, opening up healthy lines of communication, listening to our children and playing an active role in their development etc.
I cannot begin to describe the empty gap and void that is now being slowly and gradually filled through awareness and open dialogue with our precious children. So many parents are beginning to listen and learn more and more how to experience their child’s world in an unprecedented and refreshing way.
Kindly consider the new messages of Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky  Rav Forchheimer, Dr Shanik,  Dr Sara Teichman , Rav Eitan Feiner  along with the leading Rabbanim, professionals and community leaders that can be accessed by dialing 6417153800 811504#
Our children need our attention and our presence more than ever.
Show me a child acting out and i will show you a child who needs validation, love, caring, support, friendship, kindness and genuine understanding
When your child opens his heart to you, listen to him/her and celebrate the moment as it may never come again.
A Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist  


  1. Show me a child who is well behaved and i will show you a child who needs validation, love, caring, support, friendship, kindness and genuine understanding. Not only the ones who are “acting out”.


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