The Matzav Shmoooze: Parking Problems

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The photo above was taken this week when I went shopping. Why in the world would someone park in a way that so clearly takes up two spots? Where’s the sensitivity?

I understand that often, parking spots are small, and cars sometimes go over the lines when one is parking, but lately, I have noticed an open disregard for others in the way people park the cars. The picture above is just the latest example.

I ask people to watch the way they park.

I would also like to ask Matzav to start a regular feature featuring pictures of those who park recklessly to bring attention to this crisis. Enough is enough.


Distressed by People Who Don’t Know How to Park



  1. Pehaps this particular person had an emergency, or was an elderly person driving that could not judge how close they were to the next car, and didnt want to scratch it when they opened the door.

  2. They know how to park–in such a way that no other car gets too close to them, so there is no chance of being hemmed in or getting scratched by other cars. You have to admire how perfectly centered on the line the car is parked.
    Of course, other cars might disregard the lines too, and park right next to him anyway.

  3. Not fair. Maybe someone else was parked that way right next to this spot which forced this driver to part that way. The other car left…

  4. It’s reasons like this why I’m not shlepping 3 hours this Sunday to get to visiting day and then 4 1/2 hours sitting in traffic on the way back. What is the point? I just don’t have the cochos like I used to. Sorry.

  5. Your signature demonstrates your middah of dan l’kaf zechus. If they truly “don’t know”, I wouldn’t be so “distressed”. However, I have witnessed scenarios where people who do know “how to park”, nevertheless, don’t care to maneuver their car to align it within the parking space. Upon further investigation I sometimes learn that they were among the first to arrive at the chasunah or dinner while the lot is relatively empty. Because they occupy two spots, an hour later, someone else will need to park blocks away. The lack of consideration is distressing!

  6. Why not be Dan Lkaf Zechus and entertain the possibility that this was the spot available for that car due to other people not parking correctly?

  7. If you would have been there an hour before, you would have seen how oversized pickup trucks were parked over the line on either side leaving only half the space next to them open. Naturally, the owner of the car you chose to embarrass in a public forum, used what was left open to park his car.

  8. Many people have no Derech Eretz. They park, double park and triple park just to get where they are going without regards to others. They cross the street on the red light or they J-walk and cross in the middle of the block or just wander into the street like behaimos without thinking of the consequences. Some cannot drive without on hand on their horn. They will honk their horn for any reason or for no reason but it’s a part of their driving manners or lack thereof.

    The despicable actions that I’ve mentioned above are due to a lack of Derech Eretz and a feeling by those who perpetrate these actions that the law does not apply to them. They are above the law.

    There is something really wrong with the way we and our children are not thought to obey laws.

  9. there is no dan lcaph zechus here
    it is a daily occurrence, as is the way people drive
    is there no more menthichkiet any more

  10. I once heard from a famous personality that on the day he got his license his father handed him the keys to his car and told him “now I want to see how you drive.” After he parked and was about to hand the keys back to his father his father told him “you finished?” He didn’t know what his father wanted. His father said sternly “did you check to see if you left room for someone else to park?”

  11. I’ll be daan lkaf zchus,
    It’s a disease, it’s called,
    I don’t give a kishke about anyone else.
    There’s a long list of those, unfortunately

  12. Oh please. You never parked next to a truck which occupied one and half spaces? If so you must have just gotten your drivers’ licence, please drive carefully and know I envy a lot your young age.

  13. There are in parts of Germany and Switzerland, parking spaces with 30% more space [ specifically designated] for women drivers


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