The Matzav Shmoooze: Remember Those Without Children

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16-pound-babyDear Friends,

As the siyum Hashas approaches I cant help but the think back to the incredible experience i had at the last three. Each one at a different syage of my life. The first was as a high school student the second as an olser single and the third happily married but in a quiet pickwick apartment.

So, I started thinking of Rabbi Yeciel Spero’s story called Babies and Bubblegum Where a childless couple lovingly prepared pekaluch to bring to shul and give out after the children aswere Yehai Shmai Rabba. Is this a sefgula broght down? i dont know i never really ran after segulos in my years of waititng to have children. But what I cant help thinking is 100,000 people will be togther just becasue we want to honor hashem. what better venue can there be to make a bakasha during the awe inspiring moments of kaddish.

So, I humbally ask you all PLEASE keep in mind the childless couples when you answer AMEN. The booming sound is HEARTWARMING the silence in a home without children HEARTBREAKING. I know i have lived through it. and it was unbearable!
when i sit among the heilege people on wednesday night i will be saying a silent tefila for those who need their yeshua and i ask that you do too.

Thank you.

A Grateful Mommy

[Editor’s note: This letter was published as it was submitted.]

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  1. What a thoughtful, wonderful and beautiful idea. Daven for the childless couple, the child who cannot find his/her Shidduch, the child /adult who has gone down a different path in life away from yahadus, for those who are in need of Yeshuos and Refuos be it physical, mental, financial or any other Tzoroh.

    How about let’s Daven for the ultimate geulah so that all of the above mentioned problems we face will become simchos and no longer difficult Nisyonos.

    How about we Daven and thank Hashem for all the wonderful Chasodim and great things we have in our lives – even if there are Nisyonos.

    Let’s Daven for ourselves, each other, our families, our communities, our brothers and sisters worldwide and most of all let us Daven that the glory of Hashem be felt and seen in this world.

    I am so excited about the chance to be together as 1 united group of 90+ thousand Yiddin Davening, singing, dancing and enjoying the greatest show of Kovod Hatorah this generation has seen.

    Awesome, truly awesome!

  2. Respond to comment #3,next time before you decide to PUBLICLY CORRECT someone look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘and am i perfect’?If the answer is yes then go ahead and correct them ,if not then say NOTHING.

  3. what a wonderful & thoughtful person you must be, always thinking of OTHERS

    may hashem reward you & always answer you in your times of need

  4. To Mr. Oy vey:

    How about crying & davening for the Tuition crises to end? You wrote a nice piece about that subject a few weeks ago. I think that is thee #1 crises facing the fruma oilam.

  5. What kind of school does E go to? It’s not a pilubc school? Is it a Jewish school?I’ve been working my way through your blog since the beginning – just a bit of background on me – I am a frum 20-something girl accepted to start a graduate degree in Child Psychology which will YM”H one day make me a full-fledged child psychologist. One day I hope to work with kids in the frum community. You blog is giving me amazing insights…both into life raising a child with special needs, and just frum child-rearing in general (as a baalas teshuva I appreciate the window into your life…)Thank you for letting me learn from you.


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