The Matzav Shmoooze: Sick and Tired

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quinn-wienerDear Editor,

I’d like to follow up on an excellent letter written by one of your readers regarding a lack of oversight in some of the free publications that are distributed to stores or our homes.

I recently saw one such problem and was shocked that a freebie Jewish newspaper/circular could let such a thing through.

Here is an excerpt:

“But there’s one thing of which we can be absolutely sure: Anthony Weiner is 100% male. The same cannot be said for degenerate #2 in the picture. Ms. Anthony…. I mean Christine…Quinn. Ms. Quinn is a woman. Probably….”

Wow. Really funny. Not.

You read the above quote correctly. It’s not a typo. That paragraph, and more such embarrassing stuff, appeared in a letter to the editor in a so-called Jewish freebie newspaper.

I am not here to cause machklokes or anything of the sort. I am here, however, to publicly protest such despicable conduct by a Jewish publication. Who are their editors? Do they even have any? Did their publisher honestly believe that such a statement should be printed? What kind of journalistic integrity does the publisher have? Which rabbinic figure did he (or she?) consult who gave their consent to print such a thing?

I don’t agree with Ms. Quinn or Mr. Wiener on many things. But this isn’t about politics. This is about decency. This is about being respectful and dignified.

More disturbing is that I wonder if I am the only one who saw this and became outraged. I admit that I usually don’t see that publication. I happened to be waiting on line in a store and picked up this publication and began leafing through it when I came upon the above piece of journalistic excellence that belongs in a….well, it belongs nowhere actually.

I just wonder, like the previous letter writer did, when the advertisers in such a publication will begin to care. In the same issue, I saw an ad about a yeshiva‘s yahrtzeit azkarah. Does the yeshiva know that a few pages after their ad there is such disgusting language?

Does anyone care?

Does anyone care that this same publication had an ad with a picture of Elvis Presley? Or is he now also a role model?

I am sick and tired that no one else, including the yeshivos and organizations that spend advertising dollars, seem to be sick and tired of the total lack of responsibility of those who throw their publications at our doors.


Sick and Tired

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  1. Sadly, by printing that letter-to-the-editor,that freebie publication only compounded its errors. Plainly, there is no oversight at that freebie
    . Their supposed guidelines for the inclusion of pictures was outrageously violated twice in the same issue on the same subject. Needless to state, that freebie needs to apologize LOUDLY, and to accept upon itself the scrutiny of respected, publicly identified, community rabbis. Otherwise, the public should be directed to just toss it into the garbage can.

  2. It’s the very same publication that allowed a front page headline “101 YESHIVA kids kicked off a flight”…dumped on every single doorstep, goyim included…as I wrote to them last week & they chose not to print my letter (probably out of guilt), that “we are our own worst enemy”…this Chilul Hashem is only 2nd to the Chilul that the so called Yeshiva kids were guilty of…Esav sonei es Yaakov; we need not exacerbate the problem by printing this article, especially on the front page.

  3. Your letter is great! Why not sign it? I guess I’m a hipocrit cuz I didn’t sign this post/remark! There is a little difference though!
    Your letter loses some validity if your signature is absent.

  4. The reason these publications publish unedited letters to the editor, is specifically to rabble-rouse, to get the public worked up, talk about their publication & get more people to buy / read it. By publishing it under “letters to the editor” or “readers write” or paid advertising, they can put a disclaimer saying that this is not the official views of the publication.
    Sadly, this ploy works and there is nothing to do about it.

  5. One of the Magazines now even stopped printing the name of a Rav who supposedly oversaw their publication. Now u can send an email to like rabbis@ whatever. No more name. This is a real problem. There is a popular magazine today where the editor feels he is the Gadol Hador and can write whatever sensationalist things he wants to sell hid ad space. It is a disgrace and a chillul Hashem. People need to stop buying those publications.


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