The Matzav Shmoooze: So Much Yeshiva Bashing – Here’s a Nice Tidbit

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Dear Matzav Editor,

I’ve seen a lot of posts online recently about various groups bashing the chareidi community and specifically making it seem as if the yeshiva system is turning out derelicts and criminals, so I figured it’s worth posting a compliment.

I live across from a boys’ yeshiva in Brooklyn and just happened to have glanced out the window and seen the whole school evacuate for a fire drill.

Kudos to all the moms of Kaminetz. Your kids were perfection! Not one boy out of line or disrespectful. They were out, down the block and back in school within minutes.

What a great group of kids!

R. S.

Flatbush, Brooklyn



    • As a parent of a YTEK talmid, I couldn’t agree with you more. Iy”H every menahel should show the care, concern, and sincere interest in each and every child’s well-being that Rabbi Tillim does.

  1. The same goes for majority of the Yeshiva’s in NYS. The DOE is not doing a good job with their own students and the gap has become greater. By controlling the private school’s curriculum and who teaches it they can make sure that our schools don’t remain the same!
    We must never let them have any say in what we learn nor who our teachers are.

  2. What is it with people being afraid to attach their names to their comments or opinions? Why not learn from the Talmud where every opinion, majority or minority, has a named author? Unless, of course, there writers are in the category of Acher. Cowards, all of you.

  3. to Sol liss- because the comments can be edited and changed by the editor. Same with letters to editors of magazines & newspapers. i once sent in a letter to a newspaper. they changed some things around, took some things out & I would NOT have been happy to have my name signed on it. I was glad I wrote anonymous.

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