The Matzav Shmoooze: Stop Kvetching About Pesach Food

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pesach-cakeDear readers,

When Erev Pesach comes, we see the beauty of Klal Yisroel shine as everyone is busy cleaning out thechometz with such yiras Shomayim, making sure that not even a crumb of chometz is left in their homes.

But there is one negative attitude that seems to becoming the norm among so many of us. Why is it that when many people speak of Pesach, they react with a groan: “Okay, here we go. Potatoes and eggs and eggs and potatoes. My family is getting sick and tired of it. We can’t wait until we can bite into a bagel again.”

Why do we have to be so spoiled? Hashem made thousands of different kinds of food in this world, with varied tastes, textures, and colors to please all different people. So we can’t eat bread for 8 days. Why can’t we have a positive attitude and give that over to our children as well?

We should be elated! “Pesach is coming! We can’t wait to bite into the special matzah, delicious chicken, yummy potatoes, onions, carrots, fish, soup, milk, yogurt, macaroons, Pesach cake, chocolate….. Wow, look at all that Hashem has given us!”

Make Yom Tov exciting, something to look forward to. Make an effort to cook something special for the Yom Tov that the family will look forward to all year round and think of Pesach (and its foods) with excitement.

Let’s remember that what we say and feel about Pesach will be given over and remain in future generations forever and ever.

Let’s give over a positive attitude.

R. H.


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  1. What century is the author living in? Pesach is so commercialized and there are so many products that the real complaints are from the old people saying when I was young all we had was Matzah, eggs and potatoes!

  2. Looking Forward to Passover. Bread A Symbol OF Gathering As Jewish People First Eat In Every Meal All Year Round. A Special Food And Should Be Treasured More On Holidays. Never Over Burn the Bread When Baking The Symbol Goes Away.

  3. We should be elated! “Pesach is coming! We can’t wait to bite into the special matzah, delicious chicken, yummy potatoes, onions, carrots, fish, soup, milk, yogurt, macaroons, Pesach cake, chocolate….. Wow, look at all that Hashem has given us!”

    Why is every yom tov an excuse for fressing? Yes, I know that each and every one of our festivals is marked or commemorated with its own special foods, but that is no call for sumptuary excesses.

    We should also try to remember that every Jewish heart should be remembered during Pesach. This means avoiding eating and drinking too much, thus putting less stress and strain on our cardiac organs.

    May we all be permitted to live to be 120 so that we may enjoy next Pesach in Yerushalayim – and many, many Pesachim also.

  4. Maybe they would groan less if they ate gebruchts.
    Many things are denied by this chumrah- so it makes chamaitz more desireable. I actually enjoy Pesach diet- especially knadlach -yum

  5. those of us that cant eat processed foods eat only fruits, veggies, eggs and chicken for that time. you cant blame my if i miss the foods i like….

  6. I think that the people who complain are the same people who overuse processed fake foods. There are so many fruits, vegetables and other natural foods readily available, not to mention eggs, meat, chicken and veal.

    One can enjoy Pesach with plenty of variety. It’s all a matter of chinuch and attitude. Of course, those who spend lots of time complaining shouldn’t be surprised when they hear their children doing the very same thing.

  7. Gut gezogt. Personally I very much enjoy eating the the hand made shmurah for the eight days a year. It’s great with cream cheese or butter. And since we don’t eat matza brei all year round, it’s something of a treat for us on Pesach. Same for kneidlach.

  8. What are you saying, your wife can’t cook?! There are so many geshmake dishes to be made! B”H, my wife does. There are Plenty of Kosher LePesach cakes & cookies out there. Who craves bread?! If hand Matzah wasn’t such a price gouging rip off, we would eat it all year round! Even the kids love it. If it’s so bad, go to a Hotel & there you can stuff your face untill it’s: Vayishmon Yeshurin Vayebut! Ah Gutten.

  9. The chumra of gebrokts makes pesach even more exciting to me – I look forward to eating kneidlach on acharon shel pesach even more than I look forward to chometz

  10. A new style is to bring in Pesach a week or two, or even more, before the actual Yom Tov. My Torah says that Pesach is seven days, (eight Chutz La’oretz), not 15 or 21 days. Of course people get tired of the Pesach food; they are eating it for so long! By the time Pesach actually comes, they are more than ready to eat Chometz.

  11. I have no idea what “kvetching” the author speaks of. Adderabbah, my family looks forward to Pesach food as special and exciting.


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