The Matzav Shmoooze: Tax Deductions, Child Allowances and Chareidim Haters

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yair-lapid-and-shai-pironDear Editor,

If you were to wake up one morning to discover that the tax deductions you normally get for your children were slashed by over 50%, would you just smile and say, “Bezeiyas apecha tochal lechem?”

Well, in Israel there are no tax deductions, there are child allowances instead.

It boggles my mind how people seem to swallow the baloney that the only ones who receive child allowances are kollel families, and that all kollel families are sitting back and sipping pina coladas in their backyards while they live off the government.

It is the frum families who are working and struggling who are being hit hardest by this. And, at least among the Israelis, even the kollel families have one spouse working, and the husbands/fathers usually do something on the side as well.

Stop buying all the bridges that the Israeli Left is trying to sell you. It’s a bad investment.

An Ehrliche Yid

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  1. “Stop buying all the bridges that the Israeli Left is trying to sell you. ItÂ’s a bad investment.”

    What about the bridges from the right? While i concede that the army is not a place for a frum person, the idea that all of Israel and the MO are out to get us is also a bridge not worth buying.

    We here in the USA work learn and daven, have frum erlichah families and comunities, some go to college others not and some even learn full time, but they have a chioce of what to do.

    All the left in EY want is to give (or force)the charaidi there to become like the charaidi in the USA.

    While forcing someone into the army is not the way to go about it, if they give a way out working for hatzalah zaka or as firemen, as they are tolking about doing, is it so bad.

  2. Why not rally for tax deductions for dependents? and other tax abatements in addition to the child allowance grants?

  3. In Israel there are tax deductions.In addition, all mothers, irregardless of family income, receive child allowances. The cuts are not very much per family but result in a massive budgetary savings, which is imperative under current economic conditions.
    If this sum means very much to a family they should cut unnecessary costs, such as cell phones, which are expensive and a nuisance to boot.

  4. Is it just me that has no idea what “An Ehrliche Yid” is trying to say? Apart from the ax that the last paragraph is grinding, its all a little unclear.

  5. thank you very much! Well said!
    Americans seem to justify the abuse of the Chareidim in EY. not sure why!
    It’s hard to see flaws on oneself…..

  6. The government and its coalition partners are right wing conservative in their economic policies- the socialist left wingers are in opposition alongside the charedi parties

    The funding cuts have been in the press daily for 3-4 months and everyone knew it was coming

    It’s all about the money

  7. Hey Israel is a socialist society which is why the discussion is relevant. Mandatory army, socialist healthcare, etc., which is why I choose to live in the USA. If you choose to live in Israel suck it up or move out.

  8. Dear Ehrleche yid,
    A more apt description would be to compare this cut to the earned income credit. The child tax credit is limited to actual tax owed. If there was a 50% reduction in the child tax credit it would affect everyone who has a tax liability and would just be considered a raise in taxes. If you ask me, I am all for reducing the earned income credit. All it is, is a redistribution of wealth which is what the child allowances are in Israel.

  9. #4 chareidi funding is less than 1% of the state budget, and the majority of people working or not with a large family struggles, cutting their funding is not doing that much, and they are keeping the population from growing rather than shrinking, the arabs have large families, and if all Jews there would have a few kids, the arabs will completely take over, over a period of 20-50 years
    #2 the problem there is that the government is doing this under a banner of share the burden but really to make everyone not frum. Recently a chareidi soldier was put into jail for refusing to take off his tzitzis, a christain soldier would not be told to take off a cross, and if he would be and refuses wouldn’t be jailed because of it, and also recently the army shaved of some chassidishe soldiers peyos. Are they out to turn chareidim frei, or are they out to turn chareidim frei, they answer is they are out to turn us frei, and we’ve seen this throughout the years since the medinah started, in America we can work and go to college, because the government is not out to make us frei, they may hate all jews, but they don’t specifically hate frum people

  10. I was a little upset and called my wife and told her to deposit some more money in our checking account…But, Baruch HaShem Parnassah is Min HaShamayim, why do people keep thinking it’s from the Israeli government. We could thank them for strengthening our Emunah!

    (I have a good job and I learn…)


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