The Matzav Shmoooze: TRUMp and TRUMan

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Dear Editor,

I don’t know what it means, but it is very interesting that the last president that took a drastic step in recognizing Israel was Harry TRUMan, in 1947-48(I don’t remember exact date), and now Donald TRUMp is recognizing Yerushalayim.
 Maybe it’s a foreshadowing of the TRUMpet or shofer that will be blown when Moshiach comes.
Can anybody figure something out,  maybe there is a clue in the Hebrew lettering etc?
A Matzav Reader


  1. Cool think. Hashem is funny.

    And also, the letters excluded are “an” and “p”. In reverse you can spell pan

    We might need a skillet. The world cooks a good egg. Israel must be kosher. Maybe the next is not TRUMpet because if I am right, we are buying dogs. But that is a joke. All hopes redemption.

    Doggie treats for anyone wrong only for the pups.

  2. Trum to Frum. There is a true or false. Get the jewish rights. No accident perhaps. Little by little redemption. Its ahead.

  3. hakol Bidei Shomayim……

    NOTHING is coincidence, everything that happens in the world has a reason & a message from Hashem of why it happened. we are not neviim or baalei ruach hakodesh to know what they have in common. Perhaps go to the new Gadol Hador Harav Chaim Kanievsky & ask him, perhaps he might know the relation between the 2 Presidents & Israel.

  4. The name of a person is what it is meant to be min hashamayim.

    The person who brought up this topic is intuitive, whether we have an answer for him or not.


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