The Matzav Shmoooze: Why I Hate Your Site

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matzavDear Editor,

I was shocked and dismayed to open the Matzav website and see the disgusting amount of advertisements on the page. I have decided to boycott your site to protest this gross and pathetic development. If you want to trash your site and turn it into an ad campaign with some scattered news stories, I will not be a part of it.

Shame to see a really excellent website go down the tubes due to greed.


A. K.

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  1. “Hate”?
    Why do you “hate”?
    If you don’t like the site, don’t visit it. Last I checked, they are not the KGB and no one is forcing you to look. But to hate? We’re not supposed to hate.

  2. To Mr Gross and Mr Pathetic
    After you go to the other websites of which have the same amount of Ads. What are you going to do?

  3. Mr A.K. It’s not a community service matzav is fully entitled to make a profit off their site aside from that it costs money to run a site and who will pay for it so unless of course you decide to foot the cost yourself I don’t think it’s fair to make such statements

  4. Calm down. Goodness. Maybe you should find a therapist first. He can help you with your anger and then also help with your aversion to innocuous ads.

  5. Huh???????

    If you dislike the advertisements, you are certainly within your right not to visit a certain site. In fact, any reason you have not to visit a website, is yours, and you may choose to do so.

    However, what’s the story with hate?
    1.) Why is it that you “hate” this site? What has the site done to you?
    2.) Why did you write this letter? Are you threatening that if they don’t do things the way you want them to, then you will hate them????
    Do you realize that Matzav is not your daddy or mommy? When you were 8, this type of threat may have worked with them. It is not the type of threat mature adults make. Poor little baby, your parents should have handed you two little patches the third time you made such a threat! Oy nebach, look at you now. An adult making these threats to a business!! How sad.

    Refuah Sheleima!!

  6. Are you kidding? Don’t u understand hiw websites operate? Do you think the people at matzav are volunteers? And what’s wrong with the ads? You have a problem with an ad that lets people know how to find a minyan for mincha? Clearly your life is pretty blessed if this is what you need to complain about!

  7. What may I ask does the person who wrote this do for a living? If you cant find anything nice to say then don’t say it.

  8. if there are no ads, how will we know what to buy, and who to sell our airline miles to, and where to get shiurim, and what hotels to go to, and what programs to join? We’ll be lost!

  9. Does the writer think that this is a chesed project? Does he prefer to pay a steep subscription fee (and even if he does how many others would? It is even a poorly written post, upper elementary school, lower high school at best.

  10. AT LEAST this matzav site doesn’t have ads that pop up and cover the whole screen as soon as you log on. At least thank them for that.

  11. A.K.
    I don’t think you understand how a business especially an online news website stays works. Matzav needs money to continue paying their staff which works on bringing us up to date news stories. They could do it the Wikipedia way and try to have a donation drive but that won’t work on a site like this. So if you don’t like the amount of ads don’t patronize the advertisers and move onto another site but I doubt you’ll find a good one with no advertisers.

  12. This is a classic case of someone being unable to “Fargin” another person or company being Matzliach. Sad. Very sad.

  13. So dont buy the Yated, Hamodia, Zman, any publication for that matter.
    this fellow should have saved the letter for the month of Adar, not Av, when we are supposed to minimize Simcha

  14. Dear A.K.
    Give more money to the rich and you wont see a pretty little cartoon to ask you to invest somewhere else. Sadly, you probably realize that is not a good idea. Those ads never bother me at all. I am just glad to get my commentary from Matzav which often edits my comments and sometimes of course puts the right wing slant on all Torah blessings so that we do not for ‘goodness’ sake vote with a democrat in the future!

  15. Dear Letter Writer,
    Last time I checked, this site is FREE for you to use. Somebody has got to pay the bills, right? So if it is not you, it has to be through advertisers.
    For me, it doesn’t impinge on my use of the website. If anything, it makes it more colorful.
    I think you have to start appreciating that you have a website to enjoy – for free.
    Unless, Mr. Letter Writer, you are offering to bankroll Matzav fully! I’m sure they’d be willing to listen to your proposition!

  16. HUh,,,adverstisements are the daily dose of living in all venues.

    Just check out the Artscroll seferim and the first few pages are all that….BH advertisements for memorials, honors and hakaras hatov which pay for the sefer and its publication.

    Hate to see you go yet its YOUR DECISION as a reader to skip Matzav.

  17. Bored letter writer and bored commenters – including me! We are out of our minds wasting time with stuff like this

  18. Yes, thanks to the ads the site is free, and not behind a paywall. HOWEVER – the ads are too animated – so animated that sometimes I have trouble loading the page, let alone actually reading the articles. Yes, by all means ads. No, please, a flashing, blinking penny arcade.

  19. grow up a.k. just because you have money doesn’t mean that no one else is allowed to make money. if you don’t stop this threatening i will publicize your’e real name

  20. To Mrs. A K,

    Aren’t you the same Kvetch that wrote a rant last week about not babysitting for others in the bungalow colony???

  21. You sir are totally “Opgefregt”.
    The fact that you thought that this was a quality site prior to the ad proliferation is the best indicator that you are not a maven.

  22. It’s what you call “DAVKE”

    As one said: Do they really put Teffilin on everyday? Do they wear a wig/shaitel/snood? Do they actually go to sleep with their “yalmaka”
    ETC… … …

  23. wow! what a way to shame
    the editors who run this site to provide news in a kosher format if you dont like it go to other sites that publish a lot of lashon hora, if those have to many adds then go to cnn mnsbc fox….remember a lot of time money and effort goes into this site and unless you want to pay to access live with the adds

  24. The problem is not with the ads. The problem is with Matzav’s constant “cover ups” of every article! They love to report “Hit & Run” articles where they “control” the feed back of the common man! They are just a bunch of little immature kids trying to have a good time!

  25. First of all, there are many reasons to dislike Matzav. Not going in to those now, but it hurts one’s brain to see them all ads flashing with there poor taste and design. The OP has a good point but clearly did not express it well.

  26. Matzav, if you are going to edit posts you should make that clear. The assumption is any comment is subject to moderation but if allowed in not edited.

  27. #9
    And everyone else: Heeeeeeeeellllooooooooooooo This may have been an 8 year oldDid you ever think of that before you all waste your time?

  28. # 38,

    Please, precisely what are you?!

    Yep, yep. It never ceses to amaze me how “Kol hopsel, b’mumo posel”.

  29. how old r u ppl didnt u ever learn not to embarrass ur fellow jew how cld some of u say such things about another jew u all shld b ashamed of urselves and shld ask 4 forgiveness

  30. i think u ppl shld spend ur time with a little bit more worthwhile things such as fixing the shidduch crises or spending some more time with ur husband or wife instead of writing these ridiculous/absurd/pathetic/senseless comments

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