The Matzav Shmoooze: Would a Pollard Release Make Obama a Hero?

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pollardDear Editor,

I have been pondering the following thought for a while.

Most of us are aware that President Barack Obama is an utter failure. His presidency has been a failure, his policies have been terrible, and everything he’s touched – such as foreign policy – has blown up in his face. He has been a failed leader. Most people reading this knew what he’s about and didn’t vote for him either time. Unfortunately, much of America is liberal-leaning and is misguided. They vote based on silly considerations.

So, again, Obama is a failure. In our eyes, he has been one of the worst presidents of this country.

But what would happen if, miracles of miracles, he pardoned our brother in prison, Jonathan Pollard, Yehonasan ben Malka?

Last week, at the White House Chanukah party, Obama said that clemency for Pollard is “under consideration.”

Of course he said what he said probably because he was pandering to his Jewish listeners, but let’s just say that he goes ahead at some point soon and pardons Pollard (I don’t think he will), will that suddenly turn him into a success? A hero? Will he suddenly become loved by the Jewish community despite his many instances of ignoring Israel or acting in ways detrimental to it?

Will a Pollard release turn Obama into an everlasting hero among us Jews?

R. L.

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  1. Despite the incessant pleas for and discussions of Pollard in the Jewish media, Pollard is not a major concern nor issue among the vast majority of Jews let alone the public at large.
    I remain one of those, (apparently few), who believes that Pollard will not be released until his name is absent for a year or two from the mini-headlines of the Jewish media.

  2. Obama has been amazingly successful despite both a massive hate campaign directed against him and a policy of total obstruction by Republicans.

  3. First let me say that your honor under Hashem is very disappointing in that you constantly refer to a president of the Free World as a “failure” to break your own vow of dignity against your word of atonement.

    Secondly, I will admit that Mr. Pollard’s release will be a big item and perhaps it truly is now overdue. I do not think that this is a criteria to judge the entire world of Mr. Obama’s care and governance. But it truly would be a somewhat remarkable experience.

    I hope you pray to Hashem to keep your ways in Torah and not in the political agenda you seem fit to mutilate for your property value of lost wages.

  4. Definitely will change our feelings towards Obama that he finally broke thru. I think it would be a real victory for the Lettish people.


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