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encyclopedia-talmudisDear Editor,

I am writing to you in the hope that perhaps your readers can provide me some direction to solve a problem I am having.
My name is Rabbi Richard Barth and I am currently living in Boynton Beach, Florida. I have accumulated a complete set of Encyclopedia Talmudit (all 30 volumes currently in print). However, the yellow jackets on some of the volumes has become worn and tattered. I’m trying to locate a source where I could purchase replacement jackets for volumes 1 through 18. While I recognize that these jackets are not something you sell, is it possible that you could direct me to a source (email address would suffice) that could provide these jackets?

Thank you very much for your consideration and assistance.


Rabbi Richard Barth


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  1. Try buying book jacket covers and covering them to prevent further deterioration and possibly make your current covers have some use again. Many libraries use these covers to cover all their book jackets to prevent them from wear and tear.

  2. Encyclopedia talmudis is a wonderfull set i know the Lubavitcher Rebbe was in constant contact with the oirchim of it, encouraging then to hurry up and print more volumes always telling rabbi zevin to write it faster (some of these letters of encouragment are printed…)We know seforim are meant to be used,so if its worn out and torn, its a good sign that ur a learning man if ur covers are torn, and maybe thats the buetiy of seforim…but if u still want replacments im sure u can go to a copy center and make a color copy of the covers…hatzlacha rabba and keep shtaiging!!!

  3. If there is such a place please let me know. My cleaning woman threw away one of my dust jackets. So I have a set of 25 yellow volumes with dust jackets and one blue one without.

  4. To tell you the truth, if it would matter to me that much, I would use a computer, a scanner and a good copy center and print and laminate new ones myself

  5. They made 4 or 5 volumes in English translation. I would hope that a benefactor could come forth so that they can finish that project.

  6. FedEx Kinko’s does large format color scanning & printing on a variety of stocks. I suggest having them create new ones for you from the existing ones.

  7. t’s taking so long to publish that the paper in the early volumes I bought are now turning yellow and brittle with age and they aren’t near finishing. By the time they finish I’ll have to buy new ones (if I should live so long!).


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