The Matzav Shmooze: How Much Longer Will We Tolerate It?

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write-smallDear Editor,

Yesterday, a website that has long been rightly criticized for helping those who wish to paint the frumcommunity in a negative light struck again, this time publishing a news report about a rov who is going to be jailed. The report appeared with no emendations, no careful editing, and no disclaimers. It appeared as is, just as every secular media outlet reported it.

It’s not the first time this has happened on that website, but every time this so-called “frum” site openly violates the laws of lashon hara, motzie sheim ra and the entirety of hilchos sehmiras halashon, one can’t help but wonder why and how there are still “rabbis” and others who support, abet and otherwise allow themselves to be associated with that website.

Are their eyes closed?

Would they turn a blind eye if they were the rabbis in the article, whose names appear in clear violation of halacha?

Would they be so nonchalant about the harm rendered upon our frum communities by that website if it was their family members whose names were plastered online on a supposedly frum news medium?

Do those who advertise or otherwise patronize this chillul Hashem of website not see past the might dollar?

When, oh when, will it end?

How many more instances of deliberate, barefaced, unconcealed lashon hara and motzie sheim ra must be committed by the website in the name of “neias” before it will be understood that anyone writing, interviewing, advertising or otherwise associating with that website will automatically be removing themselves from our machaneh for good?

How much longer must we tolerate this disgrace?

Deeply Troubled

Boro Park, Brooklyn


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  1. I frankly don’t know how you became aware of this being that you should not be going to that site in the first place. I also don’t know why you are bringing attention to a story which someone (like myself) who does not visit that site would not be aware of, and making them interested. I can only assume that hundreds will visit that site and seeing that article as a direct result of this otherwise useless letter.

  2. this is the www, i.e the wild, wild west, and while there are lessers of evils, let’s just say Moshiach hasn’t come yet for a reason, which is obvious anywhere one goes.

  3. That’s thousand percent correct. While you are only speak out after they reported an individual, I’m wondering if Lasho Hara and Hotzuas Shem Ra doesn’t apply when trashing a whole community, copying anti-religious stories without proof etc? Thousands of Jews are barraged in the recent week by that and another site, without anyone saying a word.

    Shame on them, and thanks to Matzav for being much more careful on that and other matters.

  4. Btw When this story of leiby Kletsky happened in the summer, I made an interesting Kabolah. That is, not to go on that site again. BH I am keeping to it so far….


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