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chupahDear Editor,

If you are reading this, it is a good sign. It means you’ve chosen to read a site that highlights the positive things about us, frum Yidden. Why, it’s no secret that there are those out there in cyberspace whose sole goal is to find things that paint us in a negative light. Yes, I know, it’s pretty pathetic, but that’s a whole different discussion, so let me get to what I wish to share with you today.

I recently attended the wedding of a friend in a hall that began catering to the Jewish community not long ago. While enjoying a lavish meal, the waitress, a very friendly individual, politely asked if anyone needed her services. We declined and took the opportunity to ask her about her impressions of Jewish weddings. She smiled.

“Firstly, I love watching the men dance and it’s awesome to see everyone so lively.”

I inquired, “Is that only seen at Jewish weddings?”

She replied, “Well, I’ll tell you this: at Jewish weddings, the guests make me feel like a person. They give me respect, are always so appreciative, always saying ‘Thank you so much’ and ‘I’ll tell your boss that you do a great job.’ I am amazed by your people.”

We smiled at her while she continued serving. My friend and I glanced at each other. We both had the same expression. Here we were, listening to a non-Jew praising our nation, telling us how impressed she was.

Mi K’amcha Yisroel. Keep on making Hashem proud.

D. L.


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  1. #3
    So then why don’t we hear about these stories every day? It’s a beautiful story and we should continue to share them so we’ll encourage everyone to continue making kiddush Hashem’s wherever they go!

  2. its not the haskama of the umas haoilam that make us relevant! chalila not to take away from a kiddush hashem which is always beautiful

  3. #5:

    Absolutely it is a beautiful story and these kind of stories should be recounted as frequently as possible. But it is so routine that people are so used to it that they usually don’t retell it.

  4. Thanks for sharing. It does happen every all the time.

    reason it’s not usually highlighted is due to the basic news rule: “a man bites a dog” is news – since it’s unusual. “Dog bites a man” is not news, because it’s usual, normal and expected. Same here, our daily behavior is not “news”.

  5. Whats the point of this story? I have been by weddings and watched people not even acknowledge the waiter, no please and no thank you. I am sure there are Non Jewish weddings people are polite too. I am not sure what the gadlus of this story is exactly

  6. To #9. Your not the only one who could use an examination of the HEAD!

    Do you not realize that your like the only one who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of this story and has the audacity to somehow compare us to the Goyim!?

  7. Yes we do have basic decency.

    Reb YY Weinberg ZT”L was desperately urging the Roshei Yeshivos to teach the Talmudim that, The Halochos of not giving back an Aveidu to a Nochri, or the Halocho of To’os Akim, or not paying the Nochri for Hezek, Or not having to repay his loan, Etc., all these DO NOT APPLY to Umos of today, because they are decent people.

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