The Mekubal Said He’s Not for Me

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  1. Context, were u he just a name or have you dated for a while? Do u want to say yes but you want someone else to stamp the decision and accept responsibility

  2. In the chasidishe communities its customary to ask their rebbi about the names of the parents and chosen and Kallah Obviously you don’t ask when your about to get engaged. Is the mekubal well known or a fly by night.

  3. If you are old enough and mature enough to get married, then you dont need anyone else’s opinion.
    If you are looking for outside approval, then you need to grow up.

  4. To “Neville Coleman”
    hope your joking, because that sounds weird just like your name
    who cares what the world says. if you both are compatible in your eyes, then get married.
    only you know yourself and your feelings not someone else.

    My Great-grandfather is reputed to have said it in a slightly different way; the idea is the same: “Marry him anyway; give it a year, & then, if it doesn’t work out “Shlog Kapporas” with him; namely, ‘Divorce Him’.

  6. I don’t think divorce is something to joke about. There are too many people out there who have ended up “alone” because of it.


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