The Miraculous Recovery of Our Daughter, Batya Shira bas Chasida


rabbi-hershel-reichmanDear Friends,

I would like to update you on the tremendous blessings and miracles that we have experienced with the recovery B’H of our daughter Batya Shira bas Chasida. Batya has returned home and is able to take care of her newborn baby and perform her daily activities. She is going through a process of recovery, gradually getting her strength back, with the expectation of B’ezer Hashem a full recovery in the not-so distant future.

In addition, the other cholim we have been praying for have all experienced yeshuos. Chaim Tzuriel ben Naomi is in rehab and doing very well, B’H. Chaim Yissachar ben Chaya Mishkit is proceeding through the protocol as expected, with the prospect B’Ezer Hashem of a total return to health, and Bracha bas Shoshana has had a full recovery B’H.

All of these cases we have seen the amazing power of tefilla to bring refuos and yehuos in the most critical of situations. We thank the Boreh Olam, the rofeh chol basar umafli la’asos, and all of our fellow Jews around the world for their continuing prayers for a refua shleima for all cholei amo Yisrael.

B’chavod Gadol

Rabbi Heshy Reichman

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  1. Thank you Matzav for sharing the news! We will continuing daveneing for good health!

    Rabbi Reichman may you know only smachot!

  2. BH, let me amend that: our tefillos have been heard and answered the way we wanted; HKBH ALWAYS hears our tefillos.

    Rabbi Reichman, thank you for the updates, much nachas from your family, and tizke l’mitzvos!


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