The most exciting thing in Chol Hamoed getaway is happening TODAY! Will you be there?

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DreamWorks — DreamWorks! — is having an extremely limited number of slots. Time is running out before we get sold out! Don’t be forced to watch jealously as your friends post WhatsApp photos and regret the missed opportunity.

DreamWorks, the continent’s largest indoor water park, is opening for the first time in a half year, and will have special night hours on two nights for the frum community. With Chickies deli and a huge sukkah, it’ll be as much kosher fun as going to visit bubby.

Sponsored by Kol Haolam and the Bikur Cholim of Lakewood, tickets are for $99. With Covid on everyone’s mind, we are triple-checking to ensure safety. The cavernous park has room for 6,400, but we’re only selling 750 tickets, with brightly marked spots on lines to ensure distancing, plus temperature checks at the entrance.

*May be bought with maaser money



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