The Moving Initiation of the Fund “Olelim- The Nutritional Safety Net for Hungry Children” by Kupat Ha’ir

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20,000 children are waiting for bread and milk!! Maran Sar HaTorah HGR’ Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a in a letter to found the fund: “All who contribute a substantial amount to the Olelim Fund of Kupat Ha’ir for hungry families and children, should merit mida k’neged mida that they should have an abundant parnassah– and so it is confirmed.”

*This new fund was established in light of the fact that multitudes of children have been adversely affected by the Corona pandemic. Its purpose is to insure that “there will not be any children left hungry.”

*20,000 children from all around Israel need a monthly subsidy of $90 to provide them with bread and milk!

*A special mechanism is in place to insure that the money provided by the fund will be used for the children’s essential needs and will not be used for other purposes, even if the family has a very large overdraft.

*A unique share in the Torah learning of Maran Sar HaTorah shlit”a, as well as being the recipient of his monthly tefillah in Birkas HaChodesh

A moving, historic event took place in the home of Maran Sar HaTorah shlit”a, upon the founding of the “Olelim” fund- a nutritional safety net for hungry children established by Kupat Ha’ir, whose purpose is to act on behalf of 20,000 young children from all over Israel and insure that “there will not be any children left hungry.” At this occasion, Maran Sar HaTorah shlit”a gave a directive to found the fund. He wrote a special letter of encouragement, with brachos; moreover, he agreed  to a rare partnership with the fund’s founders, that they should merit to receive a share in his Torah learning, and even be included in his special monthly tefillah in Birkas HaChodesh.

A quick analysis of the immediate results of the Corona pandemic shows the need to insure that also for suffering and broken families, a budget for food will be assured for each child. We can not allow, in this generation of plenty, at the cusp of  תשפ”א, that there should be children who are hungry for bread, Heaven forbid, or thirsty for a cup of milk.

The Founding Meeting of “Olelim”

When these issues were presented to Maran Sar HaTorah shlit”a, who has directed the activities of Kupat Ha’ir from the day of its inception, Elul 17th  תש”ס,  he weighed with his holy da’as Torah all the particulars, and decided that it was necessary to initiate a fund for these children; we could not allow them to be neglected in their desperation, which would be likely to cause dangerous and complicated situations for them.

At the request of Maran Sar HaTorah shlit”a, the “Olelim” fund was immediately established, in order to provide the hungry children with a nutritional safety net without any dependency on the poor financial state of the parents, to protect the innocent “child victims of Corona” so they shouldn’t suffer distress.

Maran Sar HaTorah shlit”a publicized a holy letter especially to emphasize the importance of the fund, in which he adds that whoever participates by giving a substantial amount, should merit mida k’neged mida to enjoy a plentiful parnassah. The full letter is shown within a frame.

The Administration of the “Olelim” Fund

The goal of the new “Olelim” fund is to provide $90 for each child, the full sum of which will insure that each child has the bread, milk, and cheese that he needs. Ninety dollars is indeed minimal, but we first need to assure that no child is missing the basic minimum.

At Kupat Ha’ir, we checked the particulars of the situation, and found that we are dealing with about 20,000 children that need a nutritional safety net, in light of the difficult economic situations of their families. 20,000 children times $90 a month, for a year, is the staggering sum of about 21 million, six hundred thousand dollars.

With the backing and encouragement of the Gedolei HaDor shlit”a, Kupat Ha’ir turns to 24,000 families, of whom each could take upon itself a sum of $1080, or at least $900, which would assist ten children, and through this we will be able to return to he who sent us,  Maran Sar HaTorah shlit”a, who is awaiting to hear the outcome of his request, and to inform him that, indeed, Kupat Ha’ir was able to establish the fund.

The Partnership of Maran shlit”a with the Founders of “Olelim”

Due to the critical importance of the “Olelim” project in Maran shlit”a’s eyes, Maran shlit”a took an unprecedented step: He signed a formal written partnership contract with the founders of the fund. This partnership includes the merit of assisting the Torah learning of Maran shlit”a; a tefillah in Birkas HaChodesh; and a historic bracha for “a plentiful parnassah.”

Incredibly, and unprecedentedly, the founders merit a partnership agreement vis-à-vis receiving a share in the Torah learning of Maran Sar HaTorah shlit”a. This, in addition to the special tefillah with the names of the “Olelim” Fund founders each month in tefillas Birkas HaChodesh, with a request for “a long life; a life of goodness and blessing and good health; a life of good news and consolations.”

At Kupat Ha’ir we want to come with 20 full years since the founding of the organization, the 17th of Elul תש”ס, to Maran Sar HaTorah shlit”a with a positive answer, that the Jewish nation, the House of Israel, is comprised of “merciful people, the children of merciful people,” who gave willingly, and strove to immediately come to the aid of 20,000 children so as not to let them  remain hungry.

The Holy Letter of Maran Sar HaTorah shlit”a

All who contribute to the Olelim fund, established by Kupat Ha’ir for  families and children suffering hunger, a substantial amount, should merit mida k’neged mida that they should have an abundant livelihood and so it is confirmed.

Chaim Kanievsky

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