THE NAZI CARD: Rep. James Clyburn Says US Could ‘Repeat What Happened In Germany’ Ahead Of Midterms

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The third-ranking House Democrat played the Nazi card ahead of expected Republican wins in next week’s midterm elections, claiming the US is “on track to repeat what happened in Germany.” The NY Post reports that House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) raised eyebrows by describing Weimar Germany as “the greatest democracy going when it elected a chancellor that then co-opted the media” in an interview with Fox News Digital.

“This past president called the press the enemy of the people,” he continued, referring to former President Donald Trump. “That is a bunch of [garbage]. And that is what’s going on in this country.”

Social media users were quick to call out Clyburn’s comments, with many mocking his choice of words as manipulative and histrionic.

“I would advise Rep. James Clyburn to take an intense look at the history of the Democratic [Party] when speaking about Nazi Germany,” one critic tweeted.


  1. I’m more concerned about the socialist-democratic party in America silencing dissenting voices, destroying history, race-based politics and inciting violence against anyone that disagrees with them. Does he or Biden think that this hateful rhetoric from the left doesn’t inflame people or incite violence?

    I will agree with him about one thing however. We are like Germany in the early 1930s in one area. Biden is just like the Wiemer Republican that destabilized the German economy causing crazy inflation. (which in turn helped the Nazis win in 1933- but I would NEVER compare Biden to Hitler and the Nazis YMS)

  2. I love trump and all but yidin shouldn’t be dependent on some moody guy who just might turn his back on us and if that happens we don’t wanna know what can happen

  3. Before Hitler (ימח שמו) took into power, Germany was ruled by people who were more open-minded and printed out lots of money. Jews were living it up and were less religious and were marrying גויים. That’s what the מצב is in America too. So actually, it could probably happen.

    • Didn’t they say (before world war 1) that Berlin was the new Yerushalayim, or something like that? They got so comfortable in galus that they were removed from reality?

      • That’s not what happened. People today call Lakewood “Ir hakodesh” and they clearly do not mean that it is a replacement for Jerusalem.

        Prior to the two world wars, there were unfortunately many previously religious people who strayed and followed the idols of the time and intermarriage rates went through the roof.

        Nowadays, the survivors of that war, some of whose religion unfortunately did not survive, have had children, grandchildren and beyond, many of whom are fully observant, even the ones who were originally raised as Modern Orthodox.

  4. `and the rest of this crazed country should go back to the way blacks were treated before this country went to war, and lost many lives , to prevent these very things from happening again. shame on you


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