The New JM/365 Jewish Music Calendar


mbdThere’s calendars for lovers of everything from autos to zebras. Everything, that is, except Jewish music. Why can’t Jewish music fans have a calendar with 12 months of top stars to enjoy?

Well, as some people couldn’t think of a reason either, they decided to do something about it, and what better time to start than the start of 2011? (Well, actually the start of 5772 would be better, but why wait 8 more months?)

JM/365 is a calendar created especially for lovers of Jewish music. Its 12 months of Jewish singers just a click and download away. Then print and display it on your wall, desk or as a screensaver.

The calendar begins with Mordechai Ben David, thanks to the photographic talents of Baruch Ezagui.

Be sure to come back next month, and every month afterwards, and start your month reaching for the stars compliments of Jewish Insights/The Z Report and JM/365.

Click here to download.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. A good reason why we wouldn’t have it,not that it bothers me any….is that we don’t have to imitate everything the goyim have….they have their sports idols and all kinds of stuff, not to mention the dark and ugly… we have to copy them all the time? I don’t think our children need to idolize singers, hang their posters somewhere etc. Maybe a nice calendar of our Holy Tzaddikim, past or present, or both…if anything, made sense. That would be the only thing..
    We have recently gone so far as to imitate a show that promotes new stars….what else is in store???? Do we have to take everything from them. Maybe we could come up with some bright ideas on our own!!!!
    Having said that….good luck to those in the money!

  2. Here we go again, try to imitate all that the Goyim do. Lets be mechanuch our children to worship these singers just because they have a good voice. I hate to say it but we are stooping to new lows starting with the mass chilul hashem of the Jewish Star competition. Whats next, having TV reality TV shows starring Charedim? Or has that already started?

  3. why don’t you post my comment?is it offensive? well guess what this calendar is offensive and embarrassing so if you feature it be prepared to take the heat.

  4. There is nothing wrong with this calendar as long as people realize that they are SINGERS no rebbes and rosh yeshivas. we must realize that all they are is a kosher form of entertaiment.


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