The Over-The-Counter Treatments Trump Is Using To Fight Coronavirus

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Along with cutting-edge antibody treatments, President Donald Trump is taking common, everyday drugs to battle COVID-19.

According to a memorandum from White House physician Dr. Sean Conley, Trump is taking “zinc, vitamin D, famotidine, melatonin, and a daily aspirin.” These surprisingly simple and widely recognized over-the-counter medicines may help reduce the severity of the disease, say experts.

According to the New York Post, Dr. Bruce Farber, an infectious disease expert at North Shore University Hospital, said aspirin is a blood thinner and can prevent potentially deadly clotting, a common complication of COVID-19. Researchers performing autopsies on deceased COVID-19 patients reported blood clotting in many organs, according to The Washington Post.

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  1. oh yes, except that internal bleeding is a very common complication of this sort of diseases. We will see the statistics in 5 years and in 10 years. As far as I am concerned, I will let other people catch the virus and watch how they do.

    • 2:58, “internal bleeding”, “this sort of diseases”?!!! Let me educate you: covid19 is from a corona family of viruses, which include common cold. Common cold and other corona viruses don’t cause “internal bleeding”. Now, if you want to state that covid19 is a new creation without an analog amongst other corona viruses, than your statement of “this sort of diseases” doesn’t make any sense – there can’t be “this sort of diseases” if it’s a completely novel disease. Either way, you don’t make any sense.


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