The Politically Incorrect Version Of Nelson Mandela From A Respected Journalist

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nelson-mandelaBy Michael Freund

Imagine a person who planned acts of sabotage and incited violence, resulting in the deaths of innocent civilians and damage to public property. A man who embraced brutal dictators throughout the Third World, such as Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi and Cuba’s Fidel Castro, singing their praises and defending them publicly even as they trampled on the rights and lives of their own people. A person who hugged Yasser Arafat at the height of the intifada, hailed Puerto Rican terrorists who shot US Congressmen, and penned a book entitled, How to be a good Communist.

Picture all this and, believe it or not, you will be staring at a portrait of Nelson Mandela. The death of the South African statesman last week has elicited an outpouring of tributes around the world, with various leaders and media outlets vying to outdo one another in their praise of the man. Highlighting his principled stand against apartheid, and his firm determination to erect a new, post-racial and color-blind South Africa, many observers have hailed Mandela in glowing terms, as though he were a saint free of blemish and clean of sin. But such accolades not only miss the mark, they distort history in a dangerous and damaging way and betray the legacy of Mandela himself.

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  1. article missed major accomplishments in his life.
    imagine a man who took a flourishing economy and destroyed it. imagine a man who took a country from food self sufficiency and brought starvation to the masses. imagine a man who took safe streets and turned them into crime ridden jungles. and you will have a portrait of mandela AFTER his big reformation . may he rot forever.

  2. Basically there was the mandela until he became president and the one after
    Up until he became president and was responsible for himself only he was a communist terrorist committed to the one cause of breaking apartheid and after he became president his job was reconciliation and governing South Africa in order for it not to become the next failed african nation like Zimbabwe or Congo

  3. Nelson Mandela was far from a perfect person. But he WAS able to bring an end to decades of brutal oppression PEACEFULLY and it is for this that he deserves praise.

    Remembering that everything that happens in the world happens for the sake of Am Yisroel, the example of Nelson Mandela gives me hope that there still remains hope for a peaceful disolution .

  4. it is amazing to hear people say arafat was a tzadik gamur and that arafat cared for all the downtrodden in the world.

    its a thought disorder

  5. the point of mandela’s life and his gadlus is what he did later in his life after winning his freedom. how he reached out to his tormentors, his jailers, all whites, how he practived reconciliation and showed real humanity. his derech eretz is a roloe model


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