The Powerball Pledge: Charity Campaign Draws Hundreds of $1M+ Donations

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oorah powerball pledgeA campaign encouraging donors to pledge a portion of their potential Powerball winnings has made Oorah millions in pledges. With the Powerball lottery reaching unprecedented heights, Oorah tapped into the hype the jackpot has created to garner pledges before the drawing. Their pitch was simple: we know it’ll be hard to reach you after you win, but we also know you really want to spend your newfound wealth on a great cause. Hundreds of millions in pledges have been pouring  in as participants experience what it’s like to be a philanthropist.

“We definitely plan on collecting the amount pledged from the winner, so we encourage donors to make sure their pledges are sincere,” an Oorah representative tells

The campaign’s webpage,, allows donors to view other pledges in addition to making their own pledge.

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  1. They’re up to like a half trillion dollars in pledges, problem is – at best they only get one! Pretty creative idea though. I just pledged 2.5 million, and boy do i mean it. I plan to win!

  2. What a great idea. Get people to pledge money they don’t have so they get the best part of winning without having to buy a ticket–giving huge amounts to tzedaka! Here’s a tip–don’t buy a powerball ticket. Instead, donate your dollar to Oorah. Or kupat HaIr.

  3. Why should I waste $2 on a lottery ticket, when for $3 more I can purchase a ticket in the Oorah Chinese auction that is guaranteed to be a winner?

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