The Rebbetzin, A Mother Of 12, Just Lost Her Husband And Both Of His Parents All In The Last Few Weeks

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Until a few weeks ago, Mrs Schiff had a happy life. The daughter of a well known Torah Gaon, she had a wonderful husband and got tremendous Nachas from her 12 young kids.. Then everything changed in a way which was as tragic as it was sudden!


A few weeks ago, her father in law, Rabbi Yosef Schiff contracted Covid-19 and passed away. Because of the grief, her mother in law had a heart attack and died mere hours after her husband. Then on Erev Rosh Hashanah, her husband passed away, leaving her a widow with 12 kids, all of whom still live at home.


While Jews worldwide were eating their festive seudahs and rejoicing, the Schiff’s entire chag was spent crying over their three, devastating losses. Now that the Chag is over, this already suffering widow has a new problem to deal with: feeding her children. While she intends to find a job and work to support the family, she is still sitting shiva and needs to put food on the table right now. Watching her 12, heartbroken orphans grieve is causing Mrs. Schiff unimaginable pain. She can’t bear the thought that they may be forced to also deal with starvation at the same time.


Hashem promises great things to those who help the widow and orphans. To learn more, click here.


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