The Sefer on the Table of the Gedolei Hador. Get your Family’s Names In!


As in the past years, Keren Kiruv Yaldei Yisroel has once again compiled a sefer with the names and family members of those who have adopted a child for this coming school year.

The sefer, essentially binder filled with kvitelach from yidden around the world, sits on the tables of the Gedolei Hador during Aseres Yemei Teshuva. The Gedolim feel an overriding sense of personal Hakaras Hatov to the sponsors, and indeed, this sefer holds a special place in their hearts. Taking the time to read each and every name the gedolim are mispallel for the sponsors, that Hakados Boruch should repay their kindness and concern for His children, many times over, by granting them doros yesharim umevorachim – fine, blessed generations of upstanding bnei Torah and yirei Hashem.

Keren Kiruv Yaldei Yisroel is the fund established by the gedolim in Eretz Yisroel to provide busing to children from far flung moshavim acroos Eretz Yisroel to Torah schools in the Chinuch Atzmai network. The project financed by individual sponsors, or adopters, from around the world. For just $30 a month per child, one can effectively adopt a child and acquire the zechus of this neshama and all of its descendants for eternity!

This auspicious zechus is a powerful merit for the days of Aseres Yemei Teshuva, when our own gemar din hangs in a balance. Likewise, for so many of these children, their future and the neshamos of their future descendants hangs in a balance as well. Thousands of non-frum and nominally frum parents are eager to send their children to a school that will connect their children to their heritage. But at the offices of Keren Kiruv Yaldei Yisroel, a large pile of applications still await sponsors.

The sefer will be given to Maran Sar Hatorah Hagaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky, Harav Nissim Karrelitz, Harav Gershon Eidelstein, Harav Dovid Abuchatzeira and Harav Shimobn Galei, shlit”a.

To get your names and the names of your loved ones into the sefer call today 1-833-30-30-360 or visit


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