The Sin Of The Meraglim

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A. Heimowitz

Rashi tells us the start of problem of the meraglim was,“שלח לך אנשים”  the fact that the initiative wasn’t from Hashem but from Bnei Yisroel which was a lack of trust and emuna. The Rashi is puzzling as Hashem granted the request to see Eretz Yisroel, so where within asking was it sinful? Secondly, from their perspective, if there was deterrence and roadblocks to their promised dreams would Hashem have wanted them to suppress their feelings? 

 To understand let’s explore the Parsha of Titzes, וראיתם אתו וזכרתם”” The Gemara tells us תניא היה ר’ מאיר אומר מה נשתנה תכלת מכל מיני צבעונין מפני שהתכלת דומה לים וים דומה לרקיע ורקיע לכסא הכבוד . When one sees the tzitzes (specifically the techeiles) he will be reminded of the similar looking ocean which will remind him of the “rakia” and then of the “kisai hakoved.” This Gemara’s depth comes to light with the explanation R’ Mendel of Rimonov gives on this topic. He says “אני ה’ אלהיכם”  , teaches us that in every scenario in life one must gain a new comprehension of “אני ה’ אליהכם”  . When one lives continuously striving for a more educated understanding of Hashem’s kingship the view of physical titzes will translate to a deeper level and thus the kisai hakoved. 

The problem with the meraglim was their asking wasn’t with a pure mind of how can we further Hashem’s kingship in this world that the tiztzes remind us of constantly. May we be zoche to “וראיתם” when we see the tzitzes, “וזכרתם”  and we shall remember to live seeking Hashem’s kingship.


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