The Siyum Hashas and “Asher Karcha Baderech”

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img_1374By Rabbi Dovid Terren

Amaleik the day after the Siyum Hashas? What’s the connection?

Amaleik was brazen in their attack on Klal Yisroel right after Yetzias Mitzrayim. After this great miracle, the entire world was in awe of the Almighty. Nobody dared to touch His chosen people. Only one nation, Amaleik, had the audacity to attack Klal Yisroel and thereby “cool off” this feeling of fear, as Rashi points out on the posuk of “asher karcha baderech.”

Amaleik “cooled off” the prevailing feelings.

And today, we have a different type of breed, trying to “cool off” inspiring feelings of the eternity of Torah and the accomplishments of those who learn Torah in general and the Daf Yomi in particular.

Just hours after 100,000 Yidden gathered for the sake of Torah, just hours after the largest maamad lechvod haTorah in modern history, we have a new type of “cooling off” by those who seek to put a damper on the chizuk and hisorerus of the event, diverting the attention from the positive and the strengthening of yiras Shomayim and Torah learning and instead, in brazen fashion, placing the spotlight on more mundane matters.

There is a time and place for everything. The day after a maamad lechvod haTorah is a time to be mechazek in Torah and avodas Hashem, as well as bain odom lachaveiro. It is not a time for silly banter, pet peeves, agendas – and worse.

It is a time to bottle up the chizzuk that was imparted and try to hold on to it.

Let us not let the Eirev Rav of our time, and those who continually support, legitimize, aid, abet and otherwise sustain them, to mar the pure simcha and kiddush Hashem that took place last night.

Hachosem lechvod haTorah velomdeha,

Rabbi Dovid Terren

P.S. I have requested that no comments posted below be published. What is written above speaks for itself. I thank the editors for acceding to my request. -DT

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