The Siyum Presents: Heroes of the Daf: Just Start Volume 3

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“On the way back, we said, ‘We have to do this!’”
When over 350,000 yidden worldwide will iy”H gather to celebrate the Siyum HaShas of Daf Yomi in just over three months, tens of thousands of them will have completed Shas over the preceding seven-and-a-half years.
For countless in this privileged group, the ultimate inspiration began during one of the previous Siyumim. For instance, Rabbi Moshe Hauer of Baltimore recounts traveling to New York in 1997 to attend the 10th Siyum, along with several friends. “We had zero intent to do anything the next day,” he recounts. But after the Siyum concluded, the experience changed them all: “We said, ‘We have to do this.’” Rabbi Hauer and his chaburah are now completing their third cycle of Daf Yomi.
No words can encapsulate the sheer impact on heart and neshamah that The Siyum makes upon all who witness it. Masses of yidden from around the world joining in unison to celebrate daily Torah learning and all who are committed to it. The simchah and poignancy are palpable.
To date, each Siyum HaShas of Daf Yomi has been substantially larger than the previous one. The upcoming 13th Siyum is set to be”H shatter new records in participation, with a program unprecedented in contemporary history. Already now, in the months leading up to The Siyum, countless yidden have begun learning The Daf or are learning individual Masechtos in honor of The Siyum.
The journey to every Siyum began with someone deciding to “just start.” Ahead of The Siyum, The Daf movement is on track to continue growing by leaps and bounds l’hagdil Torah ul’haadirah.
To take part in this unprecedented experience, please visit to reserve your seats while they are still available. For general information and updates, please visit or text siyum to 313131.


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