The Snake Oil Salesman is Coming to America

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bennett1By Moshe Schreiber

Naftoli Bennet will bring greetings from the land of Bilk and Money, the Knesset, to the States early next week, as he is feted by the S’derot Hesder Institutions at the NY Marriott Marquis.

His host team hailing from S’derot seems to have experience with long range missiles as they landed a piece in Hamodia of all places, but upon closer scrutiny was rendered a dud.

This visit is not a random event. Israel’s minister of economy will attempt to reinvent himself and package his product “shivyon benetel” for an easy sell to his listenership.

The audience will be a mixed bag. Some will thoroughly enjoy his content, while others, intensely, will not.

One must define this man before he perverts the truth with a self-imposed view of Jewish experience.

Bennet’s worldview embraces a philosophy of “nikach goraleinu beyadeinu – let’s  determine our own destiny.” In his mindset, a final vote of hands will be all it takes to put Israel’s premier bnei yeshiva in olive fatigues and boots, and emulate the ethos of his religious nationalist camp.

He’ll bring the warfront to the home front as he turns out the lights of the bais medrash so that all train their eyes on gun sights rather than Abaye and Rava.

Israel is ever fearful of an existential threat – a nuclear Iran next door.

A higher source trumps the fate of men and nations, or for that matter any battle plan Israel’s generals may devise at the present. He has the final say on whether things will work out or not. That is the Borei Olam, of course.

Non-stop study of His blueprint of creation, the Torah, has been a time tested formula for Jewish survival for millennia and it will always be.

Dovid Hamelech writes in Sefer Tehillim (127:1), “Im Hashem lo yivneh bayis, if the Supreme Entity, does not construct a house, shov umlu bonov bo, its artisans labor in vain.”

It seems that the kablon, or contractor, of Bennet’s “Bayit Yehudi” didn’t take this into consideration.

In a letter attributed to the Ramban (see Kisvei Ramban, Chavel edition, Vol. II, letter VIII), he instructs his son, a minister of the king’s court in Castile, Spain, “Ve’im Hashem yivnenu, should Hashem give his blessing, to build a bayis, shov umlu horsov bo, those who attempt to shatter it toil in vain.”

This would appear to preempt Bennet’s endgame and upend it by 800 years.

Ponovezh, Mir and Chevron, to name just a few, are sanctuaries of this divine in its own right. Each is a pristine Bais Hashem and lend the yishuv in Eretz Yisroel legitimacy on high. Why expend energy and resources to close their portals? It’s a genuine waste of time.

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  1. Mr. Schreiber’s chutzpah knows no bounds. That he can speak with such authority about what The Ribbono Shel Olam views as sanctuaries.

  2. “Non-stop study of the Torah, has been a time tested formula for Jewish survival for millennia”??? Mass kollel has been around for less than fifty years!

  3. Bennett is a snake and a liar. He prefers a secular country to a country with Torah values. This is apparent in his alliance with Yesh Atid and headlong rush to legislate laws which undermine Israel’s religious character.

  4. Publishing this attack on another Jew has probably delayed ge’ulah shleimah by another day. I assume this is what Schreiber intended for his offspring.

  5. You have to wonder what Mr Scheiber’s motives are. Clearly they are political. Absolutely nothing positive is achieved by publishing articles like this

  6. By publishing this shameful hit piece Matzav has harmed the credibility of an Israeli governmental official who is in American lobbying the US government to change its policies so that the Jews of Eretz Yisrael are safer.

  7. Bennett is a snake and a liar.Bennett is a snake and a liar.Bennett is a snake and a liar.Bennett is a snake and a liar.Bennett is a snake and a liar.

  8. Seeing the comments I guess for a lot of Americans it’s not all that clear.

    This Naftali guy is a very dangerous Rasha. Whoever objects to the word “Rasha”, or to any criticism of him, should re-think:
    A. He clearly believes that the land is rightfully ours to poses and conquer even if we don’t keep the Torah, and even if we have a system of law contrary to the Torah – which is directly apposed to open biblical statements.
    B. His wife is clearly not observant.
    C. He openly defies Rabbonim of his own camp, and finds one name out of twenty to call his own. He also said openly that even if all Rabbonim say one thing he may do the other if he feels like it.
    D. He is in favor of accepting any type of conversion, and any type of ‘marriage’.
    E. He is in favor of taking away from Yeshivos the few pennies they were getting, which is already a fraction of what they deserve based on Tax revenue from Chaeidim.
    F. He rather sit with the Lapid evil gang than with any other religious party.

    And He’s dangerous because he has a strong ideological agenda, not just political. And he’s got the right gab and smile to lure everyone to it.

  9. ironic , all the posts that defame moshe shreiber, because they cant handle him writing against naftali bennet. Why cant Moshe Shreiber say that he thinks Naftali Bennet is attempting to destroy Yeshivos? Why are people trying to intimidate him ?

  10. What an absolutely ridiculous piece. First of all, it’s an op-ed, not an article. Second, and I guess I’m not surprised, way to stay impartial in your “reporting”. No, don’t let people formulate their own opinions on someone who is doing what the majority of his country feels is necessary. Better to force-feed your opinion to further your own goal.

    I feel sick.

  11. This has to be the dumbest article ever written. So Israel should just sit back and relax while Iran (and other world powers) prepare to strike?! Again, I repeat, this article is absolute trash.

  12. #29,#23,#22#21#18


    Indeed, in the Bennet/modox Camp

    All those on other side ,are the real lovers of the jewish people.

    Only to them, the “jewish people still is concept weighted with gravitas and alive meaning

  13. To Those being verbally assaulted:

    Every great lover of jews BAR none,was deemed a hater,in some form, by the Pious Secularists of every era,just as here.

    (,Pious Secularists,`How does one Maàser salt`)


    Actually ,without even being aware of who he is,am willing to bet(please pick the odds) ,he is greater lover of jews than you.
    Pick the odds.


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