The Special Boys Who Opt To Spend Their Summer In The Beis Midrash

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It’s no secret: The past zman was an extremely difficult time for yeshiva bochurim around the world. Many young boys looked forward to spending their spring learning Torah, gaining guidance for their rebbeim, and growing as a person. Unfortunately, their most sacred space, the beis midrash, was rendered unsafe by the coronavirus. They were cast out, back to their homes, where they lacked that essential ‘yeshiva’ experience.


Now that the summer has come and restrictions have loosened, Jewish families around the world are enjoying a restful bein hazmanim, taking trips & relaxing. Some very special bochurim, however, have opted to use this time to catch up on the Torah learning that they missed.


Yeshivas Bein Hazmanim, located in Yerushalayim, currently has more than 200 bochurim learning Torah through the summer holiday. Many of the bochurim have lost loved ones to COVID, or have parents who are now unemployed. They need this stability and connection more than ever. Many of them, unfortunately, are unable to pay to attend.


A fundraising campaign titled “PROJECT BEIN HAZMANIM” has been started in order to help this program to continue to run. Ministry of Health guidelines have made this zman more expensive than ever before: One example given was that shiurim need to be given three times in a row, so groups can be kept small in keeping with safety regulations.

The staff who run the yeshiva have taken a leap of faith, opening up the beis midrash and feeding the bochurim who come to learn during the summer, despite their severe lack of funding. They are dedicated to keeping the light of Torah learning lit during this challenging time, and are turning to the public for help – Donations are being accepted here for a limited time.



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