The Teleprompter President

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teleprompter-presidentReuters has published a photo of a teleprompter obscuring President Barack Obama as he spoke during a campaign event at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, yesterday. 

Obama is on a two-day campaign trip to Ohio, Nevada and New York.

{ Newscenter}



  1. If you take a picture of the moon from outerspace, it might obscure the earth too. Wow. Photo images are so telling huh?

  2. To #12, after reading many of his/her responses, methinks that “Beethoven’s Friend” comments just to rile up the audience.

  3. Big deal. Every president for the last 40 years or so has used a teleprompter. Before that they used paper notes. So what. Better you should be concerned with what he was talking about, which was education. Or is that not considered important here?

  4. anon. yes I may do that sometimes, but this case is a case of pure ignorance blessing our front pages with nonsense. I am Obama’s friend or rather I do believe he is my friend.


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