THE TRAVESTY CONTINUES: Judge Denies New Trial for Rubashkin

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Chief U.S. District Court Judge Linda Reade denied a petition yesterday from the legal team of Reb Sholom Mordechai ben Rivka Rubashkin seeking a new sentencing hearing.

Reade denied claims that a new trial for Shalom Mordechai, 57, is warranted because his 27-year sentence was the result of misconduct by Iowa prosecutors following the infamous raid in May 2008 at the Rubashkin family’s Agriprocessors plant in Iowa by agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

As of today, Rubashkin is slated to be released in 2033, approximately 16 years from now.

The Des Moines Register, in a report yesterday, said that Reade accused the defense attorneys of “embellishing” their claims to win a new hearing.

“(The) allegations regarding the government’s conduct amount to no more than the use of accusations, especially unjust ones, to damage the reputation of an opponent,” Reade contended. “(The defense attorneys’) mudslinging is wholly inappropriate.”

The raid led to Agriprocessors declaring bankruptcy and prosecutors targeting Sholom Mordechai for borrowing on a $35 million line of credit, ultimately resulting in a $27 million loss for a St. Louis-based bank when Agriprocessors went defunct.

Rubashkin attorneys have long contended, and brought proof, that the bank’s loss was directly caused by prosecutors meddling in the bankruptcy sale, scaring off potential buyers. The defense lawyers showed that prosecutors misled Judge Reade about their interference in the sale.
Reade, though, claimed that the government “did not conceal any information that materially affected the outcome of the sentencing hearing and it did not offer misleading testimony.”
Former President Barack Obama, who could have done the right thing and pardoned Rubashkin or commuted his sentence did neither before leaving office last week.
The Des Moines Register, in a report yesterday, stated that four former attorneys general – including former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, who oversaw the department at the time of the raid – and two former FBI directors signed a letter in April urging Kevin Techau, the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Iowa, to take action that would free Sholom Mordechai.
The Rubashkin defense team plans to appeal Reade’s ruling.
May Reb Sholom Mordechai ben Rivka see freedom bekarov.


  1. This is unbelievable: what kind of stupidity is this that the person who did the evil deed judges her self!!!

    The justice system in America is very bad

  2. Let’s all Daven thatTrump will Pardon him.
    Trump rights the wrong, is a manof action and doesn’t hesitate to straighten the crooked regardless of public opinion

  3. Hashem Yeracheim. Sholom, continue to be strong and to be the role model that you are. The yeshua will come soon bezras Hashem. Be strong in your great ways.

  4. Any appeal that ends up with Judge Linda Reade is guaranteed to fail. She has been an advocate for the prosecution from the very beginning.

  5. ok, obama did not, but the facts should now be presented to president trump. As for the district court judge, i will not comment.

  6. soon she’ll be adding him extra years for “the use of accusations, especially unjust ones, to damage the reputation of an opponent”…

  7. Trumpele want to build a wall against illegals from the south. Why do you believe that he will pardon a man who hired quite many of just that kind?


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