The True Cost Of An iPhone Over Your Lifetime: $300,000


Based on typical smartphone costs and usage patterns, your kids will end up spending a staggering $75,000 apiece on their phones over the course of their lives, according to valuation company Flipsy.

Americans also spend approximately $88 a year on apps and unlimited data plans typically cost around $80 a month. And even that’s only scratching the surface, because they missed out the biggest cost of all: The opportunity cost of all that money.

If you factor opportunity cost in, the true lifetime cost of your kids’ love affair with their Apple iPhone is closer to $300,000.

Read more at NY POST.



  1. Whast the point of the article? If you calculate the cost of owning a car over your lifetime it is in the millions. If oeople find something they want a neccesity then it will end up costing money over time. No major breakthrough with this study


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