The ‘Turkey Pardon’ Tradition

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rubashkinDear Mr. President,

In accordance with the age-old American Thanksgiving tradition, you, as president of the United States of America, will pardon two turkeys at a White House ceremony. May I request that this year the turkeys be Shalom Rubashkin and Jonathan Pollard? It would be such a meaningful gift to Jewish citizens of our great democracy as well as to G-d. They’re both being held in the most unusual of circumstances as you well know and requests for both their releases have been presented by the greatest American legal as well as political experts! Mr. President, do the right thing! Please find it in your heart to do it! This request is especially apropos, I suggest, this year when Chanukka and Thanksgiving coincide as they’ve never, ever had before! Please Mr. President, don’t let this opportunity slip by! Do the right thing albeit quite bold!

Thank you.

Y. Sher

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  1. If only he would! HaShem, please put ‘doss bissele saychel’ into his head and have him do it! It would be so mechaazek our emuna in you and we would smile indeed!

  2. So true.
    (as an aside, pardoning turkeys is not an “age old tradition”. It was started, I believe, by Pres. Reagan. Also, Chanukah and Thanksgiving have coincided in already in 1888.)

  3. It must be emphasized again that pardons for these two people would not merely be a matter of kindness on the part of the president. They are clearly a matter of simple justice. This has been expressed by many sources, including a large number of highly qualified legal experts.

  4. Please Obama you have since educated this nation to act accordingly. Please show your support to the Jewish nation and we will all, everywhere in the world have a pride for america.

    Israel, US, UK, Canada


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