The Yahrtzeit of the Tzaddik R’ Shayele of Kerestir


Dear Reader,

Whether you are making the trip to Kerestir or staying home, you can connect to the legendary Tzaddik and heavenly advocate by supporting the only Torah institution that bears his iconic name.

There is no doubt that Reb Shayele looks down upon his institution, and draws great satisfaction as he witnesses his Yeshivah, led by his offspring, carrying forward the torch of Torah to the next generation under his name and inspiration.

The most powerful way to connect with this Tzaddik is through support for his students and adherents, and you can be certain that Reb Shayele will pray on your behalf that you be showered with an abundance of blessings and salvation in all areas of life.

Support Reb Shayele’s institutions HERE as we mark his Yahrtzeit!



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