The Yossi Muller Show

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Do you want to take control of your health? Hear the truth about dieting and weight loss? Learn the best strategies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

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Yossi Muller, along with his brother Duddy, recently launched a podcast to the general public so they can learn about weight-loss and dieting. Every week a new episode is released on sunday at 7.00 pm. Each episode debunks a different myth about dieting. Yossi also provides the listeners with useful information about dieting and habit change. The podcasts are posted on his site,, as well as on all podcast streaming services.

Most podcasts including Yossi’s are free of charge. The podcast episodes are accessible at any time, not just when they come out, so people with a busy schedule can listen to it whenever it is convenient for them. Driving, doing chores, or taking a walk, is the perfect time to listen to the podcast. Unlike a book, you can do other things while listening to it. Even for someone who is not looking to go on a diet, the podcast has a lot of interesting facts that you wouldn’t want to miss!

To date, there have been 35 episodes released and 10,438 episode downloads. If you haven’t even started yet, catch up now! Go check out the podcast at


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