THEIR CHILDREN WILL BE LIKE THEM: Watch: Rav Chaim Kanievsky On What to Tell Those Who Vote for Non-Frum Parties

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    he was asked about jews who dont keep tora umitzvot!

    zehut and other parties are a platform from jews who keep tora umitzvot!

    the chazon ish and others never recommended a specific party as its against the tora to micromanage and control another jew for whom exactly to vote.

    • Moshe Feiglin a decade or so ago was hated as a vocal ‘homophobe’.He has evolved/ devolved on the socio-religious moral spectrum and now virtually a libertarian. Bad on Geirus too
      Has he similarly evolved nationalist issues?
      Of little consequence that is . The media across-the-board ,as far as Haaretz, have given him favorable coverage, They’re backhandedly promoting his movement which they nary had a decent word hitherto

    • “micromanage and control another jew for ”


      He said go vote even before Shacharis for Agudah
      It is a greater mitzvah

  2. eLI,
    Might it be possible that issues that for most others are of national import,
    the media grasp as little more than smoke and mirrors?


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