“There are no words to describe our Hakaras HaTov!”



That is how Mrs. Lapp described her experience with Yeshivas Tiferes HaTorah. She explained that fulltime beis medrash wasn’t for her son Mordechai, but he didn’t want to leave the yeshiva environment of Rebbeim and friends. He found his place at YTT, where he learns in the morning and evening, and works in the afternoon. “He’s continuing to grow as a Ben Torah and has gained so much from everything the yeshiva has to offer,” she said.

Founding Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Yehuda Finkel explained the concept: “There are many bochurim who want to stay in yeshiva but also want to start working. When you ask, ‘So how are you going to do that?’ they typically respond, ‘I have to figure it out.’ We have set up a framework to meet the needs of these bochurim who want to remain in a yeshiva environment while exploring the business world.”

The day is structured with the traditional yeshiva framework of learning, with the afternoon hours available for the boys to go out and utilize their talents and skills in the workforce.

The Yeshiva offers different tracks of learning, which cater to the individual student’s needs. There are plenty of shiurim, ranging from Gemara b’iyun, Gemara b’kiyus, halacha, mussar, hashkafa, Chumash and more. The goal is to engage each talmid, enhance his learning skills, connect him to Torah, and bring out the greatness of each one.

At night seder, besides the regular learning, there are exciting events after Maariv, such as Wednesday-night Matzav with hot catered food and words of chizuk. 

Afternoons are set aside for work-related activities. YTT is not simply a yeshiva program that allows for outside pursuits. Rather, it provides practical guidance in how to function in the outside world. 

Business owners, professionals, and other experts are brought in to teach work-related skills and attitudes. They cover such topics as: effective communication, time management, the importance of being reliable and responsible, how to sell a product, how to write a resume, derech eretz in the workplace, interacting with ainam-Yehudim, erlichkeit, and much more.

Talmidim are set up with job placements based on their skills, education, interests, and talents. They have interned with property managers, building contractors, insurance brokers, real estate companies, and many other local businesses.

Magid shiur, Rabbi Shlomo Golfeiz spoke of the yeshiva’s warm, friendly atmosphere. “Every bochur gets individualized attention,” he said, “and through that, they develop a love of learning.” To illustrate, he related how one bochur called him during bein hazmanim to ask if they could learn together while they were off from yeshiva. They learned together every day of the break.

Mendel Rosen spoke of his son’s experience: “YTT made Ezra feel comfortable, part of a group and positive about learning. They give the boys a feeling of the importance of Torah.” Another parent, Rabbi Lokensky, described how individualized incentives are used to motivate the boys. He added, “I’m very impressed with the level of care.”

One mother called the yeshiva a “lifesaver!” Her son wanted to be able to learn and work but he couldn’t find his place in any other yeshiva. “YTT set him up in learning and got him a job. Now he’s earning his own money, has a skill set, feels independent, and is happier,” she said.

Assistant Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Shmuel Zanvil Friedman stated: “As a mechanech, there is nothing more heart-warming than guiding a talmid to be happy with his learning and with himself.”

Rav Yaakov Hopfer, declared, “Both Roshei Hayeshiva are highly interactive with the boys and understand what each one needs.” 

Business mentor, Dovid Meltzer put it this way: “Rabbi Finkel and Rabbi Friedman can figure out a bochur pretty quickly. They make a plan for him and then, most importantly, stick to the bochur until he sticks to the plan.”

One talmid, Yisroel Friedman, related that he was planning to leave beis medrash to get a job. Then he saw an ad for the yeshiva. He decided to give half-day learning a try. He formed an immediate bond with Rabbi Finkel, and they learn together daily. Yisroel appreciates that his Rebbi takes a keen interest in and is actually helping him figure out a career plan that is right for him. “The yeshiva gives me the opportunity to bring out the best in me,” he said.

Another talmid, Shmuely Roisman, praised the Rebbeim as “very warm and accepting. They go out of their way to make you happy.” Shmuely learns morning and evening sedarim while apprenticing with a construction contractor in the afternoon. “It’s the best of both worlds!”

Yitzchak Rosenblat said of his experience, “YTT allows you to grow inside and outside of the yeshiva.”

Yeshivas Tiferes HaTorah: Empowering beis medrash bochurim to maximize their potential within the walls of the yeshiva as they transition into the world at large.

For more information, or if you would like to donate to the yeshiva  please call Rabbi Finkel at 443-255-0515, Rabbi Friedman at 301-741-6065, email to office@TiferesHaTorah.org, go to TiferesHaTorah.org.


  1. R Finkle, From the write up its clear the boys and their parents, have felt your strong heart that baruch hashem is still pumping after your near-death experience just a few years back! You are a miracle and you are making miracles for others I cherish our friendship and wish you great success with your avodas hakodesh!!


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