There’s a Serious Food Crisis and Tomchei Shabbos of Lakewood Needs Your Help



With the COVID-19 outbreak constantly increasing, daily complications arise for families all over. Many find themselves suddenly burdened with an acute food crisis. Tomchei Shabbos has been inundated these past few days with requests for assistance, as households from all walks of life struggle with their new reality.

Every hour, the Tomchei Shabbos staff is adding clients and doing their very best to ensure everyone is properly taken care of.

These problems are made more difficult for Tomchei by the quarantine and social distancing. Because now, no tables are set up in Yeshiva to collect donations. No stands are appearing in front of stores, no tents by Shuls. Even personal appointments are impossible in this situation. So, fundraising has become severely limited, at the same time as the budget is skyrocketing.

Suppliers are increasing prices, more people are requesting assistance, and every part of the deliveries have to be reworked for the new health concerns. As such, the budget for the already expensive Pesach season is rapidly ballooning to astronomical proportions.

But, with fundraising limited to phone and emails, Tomchei Shabbos of Lakewood is struggling mightily to keep up.

Only with your help can we manage this tremendous Food Crisis together.



    • why are we having this debate here? this is a request for assistance for people who can’t afford to make Yom Tov, not for grocery owners.

  1. Also time for those with money to give back. Plenty of loaded people around. There’s a reason why so many banks opened on 13th Ave.

    • why are we having this debate here? this is a request for assistance for people who can’t afford to make Yom Tov, not for wealthy people.

  2. There are plenty of chevra running around us with plenty of money. This type doesn’t let on, but act and talk like they’re not well off.. Hit them first.. If you can recognize them, because they pretend they’re schnorrers.

  3. to mr hit them first
    no body owes you or anyone else anything
    i can give my tzedaka where i see fit
    the last i checked the halacho of toivas hanah lebaylim applies and a cohen cannot force me to give to him
    so basically your attitude stinks

  4. You got offended? TOO BAD. There are rich silent types and they know who they are.
    Oh, and Hashem knows too. Go on and rant away. There’s money. 13th Ave. has 3 banks per block on average. Your shmeggie acting neighbor and shul buddy has loads Waiting for the yoresh ?????. Don’t be naive.

    • hi Mr. Sanders. whoops! that would be Senator Sanders not Mr. Sanders. we don’t have a Bes Din today in which we can give Makkos Marus for not being mekayem an Assey so we can’t force the “rich silent types” we can only hope that they give silently as well as being rich silently.

  5. Anonymous 12:47
    I didn’t ask for a halacha shiyur. I’m not talking halacha but agadah. Kudos to the ashirim who advertise themselves and even donate and order plaques in bold letters. I’m talking nebish lookalikes with portfolios and green $$$ in vaults too. I’m aware of it and so are many others. You who b”h have it, spend it. This virus is showing how G-D can take it all away in an instant. You can lose everything by next month c”v . Don’t give shiyurim to me. I tell you that there are loads of ordinary people with loads of money. I wasn’t born yesterday. You’re not fooling anybody.

  6. Tree in the forest, you’re trying to hide there?
    You’re trying to hide a universal truth??
    Banks in BP.. New remodeled houses.. Vacations on the moon. Homes in Fla. And in upstate NY.

  7. @ Forest Tree,
    Hashem is taking care of my finances, ty.
    Here’s the deal. Many, many are financially hard pressed in our community. Chaval. More than people think. At the very same time, loads of “silent” ashirim abound. I’m talking to, and about them. You maybe one of them, and your branches are shaking.
    They need to step up. Hashem knows. He has gazzillion ways to make them part with the dough.
    Either you believe this possibility, or it’s kefirah . This Corona has the potential to wipe everybody ‘s zlotys and Golden Calf noserings into dry dust. You’re not going to outsmart the Ribbono Shel Olam. Maybe blog readers, but not HIM.

  8. Ok
    I’m a very wealthy individual but I keep a semi private life. The only people who know I have been blessed with money are a few neighbors and family. I don’t support any Moisdes other in an anonymous way to where my kids go to yeshivas. Even they have no clue that I am loaded. If they did they would harass me day and night. You think I’m doing wrong but I believe I have to help my family first and not finance all these organizations that pocket money under the guise of office expenses. By nature I’m a loner and don’t need a Chevra to run around with. I realized since I was in my twenties and became wealthy that honor is all baloney. People will make dinners and give plaques to the wealthy donors but when wealthy people are in trouble they are ignored. I live with that strong belief and for this reason I don’t let anyone have a clue how well to do I am. I don’t Daven in one shul but usually skip around so know one gets close to me. Yes I bought my married kids houses and support them fully but they too have no clue on my true wealth. I drive a cheap leased car and no one suspects anything. My workers for my company are all non Jews and know somewhat but they never ask me to support their causes because they don’t have any causes. I know some of you will scream why I don’t finance today’s situation. I did not create it so why should I finance it. I don’t go on crazy vacations on Pesach and really I’m not interested in going anytime. Living a simple life,supporting my family and just keeping a low profile.


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