Theresa May: I Scrape Mold Off Jam and Eat What’s Underneath

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If you’re wondering how Brexit preparations are coming along, Theresa May has recommended scraping mold off old jam and eating the rest of the jam left underneath the fungus. The British prime minister’s pro tip reportedly came during a food-waste discussion with her cabinet Tuesday, telling her top team that once the mold is removed the rest of the jam is “perfectly edible,” the Mail Online reports.

The revelation came after reports that Brexit wasn’t discussed at all during the cabinet meeting. Britain is due to leave the European Union in just over six weeks and May is yet to persuade British lawmakers to support her withdrawal deal. Unless something changes, Britain will leave the EU in a catastrophic no-deal scenario that is expected to severely damage the economy as well as food and medical supplies. In a few months, some moldy jam might be among the best food and medicine on offer. Read it at Mail Online.



  1. that’s ok for jam. You do the same with moldy cheese. In fact,the mold is sometimes what makes the cheese special – like Blue Cheese. However, it’s no optimal to eat all types of food when they are moldy.


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