They Left Sheva Brachos, And Went Straight Into Shiva



Devastating photos emerged this week, as the Stern children said goodbye to their mother, Mrs. Yehudis Stern. Yehudis was a beloved teacher, and a mother of 15.

Her battle with cancer was excruciatingly slow. In her final days, Yehudis was bedridden and her family devoted their time to tending to her needs.


Last week, against all odds, Mrs. Stern was brought to her son’s chuppah. She was unable to stand, but was determined to attend the ceremony. Her family says that she had one dying wish: That her household and children should be taken care of.


Yehudis’s widower Rabbi Stern is now struggling to fulfill her final wishes, as he is now solely responsible for the financial and emotional welfare of a large family, while processing immense grief himself. An emergency fund has been opened for the Stern family to help them overcome this unimaginable tragedy.





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