They Lost Her … Then Her Son Stepped Up and Did THIS



When Mrs. Glass was diagnosed with leukemia, one fear rose above concerns for her own health: What would become of her 7 children? She worked hard to support her home, as health conditions keep her husband from working. Just when all hope seemed lost, and she lost what strength she needed to continue her job, her 19-year-old son Yisroel did the unthinkable: Stepped up to support his family.
The young man got a job working as a mashgiach in kashrus. Working long hard hours in the kitchen, he used his paychecks to pay the family’s bills. Just 19 years old, he was clearly a brave and responsible soul. Before long, he was engaged to be married. His mother’s heart swelled with pride as she saw the man he had become. However, it pained her to know that she could not help him to prepare financially for his future.
A few weeks ago, Mrs. Glass passed away. She left behind a large family, the youngest just 4 years old. Yisroel has continued to work and save to pay the bills. The family lives very modestly in the Mea Shaarim neighborhood of Jerusalem. It is Yisroel’s responsibility to make sure the kids have clothes to wear, and food to eat.
With just weeks remaining until his chuppah, the groom is lacking the basics needed to start his home. He plans to continue to support his mother’s family after his marriage. It is unclear how he will manage.
As Yisroel walks to the chuppah without his mother on his arm, he will think of his promise to her: A promise to support and protect his younger siblings. An emergency fund has been started to help him keep his word.
Donations to the campaigns would give Yisroel, his family, and his kallah tremendous hope for the future. During this painful time, a trace of hope is what they need most.


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