This Chosson Gave Up Hope, Then Rav Grossman Swooped In

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One of Israel’s most prominent and beloved rabbis, Rav Yitchok Dovid Grossman shlit”a, is famous for his tremendous chesed. Many suffering men, women, and children have turned to Rav Grossman in times of need. This week, the Rav took Yitzchok Shlomo, a young man who has endured tragedy, under his wing.

Yitzchok Shlomo’s life took a grim turn in 2014, when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. His parents flew together to America for her treatments. In a shocking twist, Yitzchok’s father was diagnosed with cancer as well shortly afterward. They both died before returning home to their 13 children. The children of the family were utterly abandoned, left to grieve in shock. Yitzchok’s focus turned toward raising his younger siblings in his parents’ absence. Recently, when the young man became engaged, he had to face the bitter truth: He has no parents to escort him to his chuppah.

Rav Grossman knew the young man’s story and felt that it was worthy of sharing internationally. A Chesed Fund page features video footage of the Rav and the bochur together. Rav Grossman speaks extremely frankly in the video:

“I ask you to help this boy because this is mamash the biggest mitzvah. Also pikuach nefesh and also hachnasas kallah, on the highest level that it can be. I ask you again, [don’t do] as much as you can, do more than you can, and Hashem will give you back everything [that] you need.”

Phrases such as “the biggest mitzvah,” “pikuach nefesh,” and “don’t do as much as you can, do more than you can” stand out as particularly noteworthy. A Rav of Rav Grossman’s stature presumably does not use such phrases lightly.

Donations have begun to trickle in to the couple’s wedding fund, with the hopes of making them a basic wedding and allowing them to establish a modest home. Those who donate can rest assured that they have joined Rav Grossman in a truly worthy cause, and receive his bracha to receive “everything that [they] need.”




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