This Father of 8 Thought He Was In The Clear After Beating Cancer. Unfortunately, He Was Wrong

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Even the most seemingly content families have their private share of struggles. Some families, however, seem to get an excessive amount of suffering. The Goldbergs, of the Geulah neighborhood, were known by many to be one of those families.

Father Rabbi Hillel Goldberg had recently battled cancer, a shock to his wife and eight kids. They had already struggled with raising a severely autistic son, and the Rabbi’s illness put even more pressure on the family. Then, another son was diagnosed with cancer as well. They did everything they could to stay afloat.

When Rabbi Goldberg went into remission, his family breathed of relief. They were completely caught off guard last week, when he began to develop symptoms of the coronavirus.

In a shocking turn, Rabbi Goldberg passed away only one day after falling ill.

Erev sukkos his family gathered to mourn him in a Jerusalem cemetery.

An emergency relief fund has been started to help Rebbetzin Goldberg support her family after this devastating tragedy. She must now support her family alone, including caring for her son with cancer, her son with autism, and marrying off all 8 of her children. While many celebrate the holiday in sukkahs around the world, the Goldbergs sit in a state of absolute shock and devastation.

Those who are able to help can do so here. 


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