TONIGHT: Meor Hatorah Parlor Meeting in Lakewood


Mesivta Meor Hatorah of Lakewood, NJ, led by its rosh mesivta, Rav Shabsi Brody, will hold its annual parlor meeting melava malka tonightMotzoei Shabbos, Parshas Mishpatim, February 10, at the home of a close friend of the yeshiva, Reb Eliezer Breiner, located at 25 Garfield Street in Lakewood. The event will be graced with divrei bracha from Rav Yeruchem Olshin, rosh yeshiva of Bais Medrash Govoah.

Mesivta Meor Hatorah opened its doors four years ago to fill a void in the olam hayeshivos. This mesivta is geared exclusively for eleventh and twelfth grade bochurim, with a mission to provide every talmid with a positive and warm environment and imbue him with sincere ahavas haTorah and yiras Shomayim. In addition to the high level of learning, Mesivta Meor Hatorah’s stellar staff of rabbeim are dedicated to the success of their talmidim and encourage each talmid to tap into their potential and achieve success. When you walk into the bais medrash, you feel the positive energy, warmth and shteiging.

Mesivta Meor HaTorah is located on a state-of-the-art campus on the outskirts of Lakewood, in an environment conducive to undisturbed learning and aliyah. There is a concerted effort by the rabbeim to nurture the talmidim, with individual care, guidance and motivation in a warm, positive setting.

The hatzlacha the yeshiva has witnessed is incredible, with the alumni continuing on in well-known yeshiva gedolos. There is a strong ruach of learning at the mesivta, with most of the talmidim celebrating a siyum on the masechta learned at the yeshiva each zeman. The high-level shiurim are rich with lomdus and depth. The bochurim capitalize on the unique opportunities available at the yeshiva to utilize their innate skills and desire to shteig. There is a tremendous emphasis on a chaburah program, where each bochur has the opportunity to say their own chaburah in a public setting.

The roshei mesivta, Rav Shabsi Brody and Rav Shmuel Pepper, are experienced rabbeim and mashpi’im. Their understanding of bochurim and the manner in which to bring out their kochos are on full display at Mesivta Meor Hatorah. Their chinuch at the yeshiva is carried out with sensitivity and with the guiding hands of concerned mechanchim. 

Accolades have been expressed by noted roshei yeshiva, maggidei shiur and mechanchim, who admire the accomplishments of this jewel of a makom Torah and the sterling bnei Torah being produced.

The three daily sedorim, during which a rich kol Torah fills the yeshiva’s bais medrash, are complemented by a warm, happy, uplifting atmosphere – the type of sevivah that every parent wants for his young ben Torah and that a bochur can benefit greatly from during his formative years. The remarkable hatzlacha the yeshiva has seen is proof that the Mesivta Meor Hatorah formula works effectively in cultivating young men of whom to be proud of.

Those who have been privileged to visit the yeshiva have experienced firsthand the rischa de’Oraysa in the bais medrash. One of the unique aspects of Mesivta Meor Hatorah is that there is a group of outstanding yungeleit present at the yeshiva throughout the day, to learn with the bochurim, answer their questions, and, in general, serve as sterling role models.

The kol Torah continues during second seder. In an innovative manner, each boy is enabled to complete the entire masechta being learned. The enthusiasm is tangible. Rabbi Yaakov Kahan, the twelfth grade second seder rebbi, together with Rabbi Yaakov Metzger, the eleventh grade second seder rebbi, direct this hashlomas hamasechta program alongside their shakla vetarya program, and are witnessing tremendous hatzlacha. Another beautiful aspect of the yeshiva is the full-time shoel umeishiv and noseh venosein, Rabbi Duvie Koppel, a noted talmid chochom, who adds to the warmth of Mesivta Meor Hatorah and makes every bochur feel at home.

Night seder at the yeshiva is under the auspices of Rabbi Yoel Goldstein, who shares a very warm kesher with each bochur. The bochurim use this seder to complete the masechta.

Mesivta Meor Hatorah boasts an intense secular studies program led by its general studies principal, R’ Shaya Krasnow. At the end of twelfth grade, the bochurim receive an accredited New Jersey high school diploma. The mesivta has a supervised dormitory to accommodate the talmidim from out-of-town.

The bochurim of Mesivta Meor Hatorah possess noticeable pride and confidence. Rav Brody explains: “The rebbitalmid relationship is vital at Mesivta Meor Hatorah. Every boy observes that the hanhalla believes in him and takes pride in him. The rabbeim feel that every bochur, without exception, can taste the sweetness of Torah, with high-level lomdus and high-level learning. This gives the talmidim the self-belief and drive to strive for greater accomplishments, such as finishing masechtos with a full understanding of the lomdus of the sugyos. They thus feel fulfilled and happy. A happy bochur is a successful one.”

At Mesivta Meor Hatorah, each bochur is given a geshmak and an appreciation for his learning, davening and avodas Hashem.

This gem of a mosad has taken its proud place as a thriving makom Torah, continually planting seeds in the bochurim of today so that they can serve as the talmidei chachomim, bnei Torah and leaders of tomorrow.




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