This Motzoei Shabbos: Unique and Innovative Event

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panel-five-townsThe developments in recent months in Eretz Yisroel have left many of us in the American Torah community confused- the traditional infrastructure of the olam haTorah challenged, kippah-wearing politicians offering articulate arguments against those of roshei yeshiva.

In an attempt to clarify and enlighten, Mishpacha Magazine is hosting an evening of dialogue, a candid and compelling conversation regarding the issues that threaten to splinter Israeli society.

A panel discussion will feature a leading rosh yeshiva and passionate Torah spokesman, in Rav Yaakov Bender of Darchei Torah, an eloquent and prominent rov and an intimate of gedolei Yisroel in Rav Aryeh Zev Ginzberg of Cedarhurst’s Chofetz Chaim Torah Center and finally, Mishpacha’s published Eliyahu Paley, whom aside from his literary and communal accomplishments, learned in kollel and served in the Israeli army, providing an ‘insiders’ view.

The event, which is open to the public and will feature questions and comments from the floor, will take place this Motzoei Shabbos Korach, June 8th, at the home of Moshe and Arielle Wolfson at 501 Cedar Hill Road, in Lawrence, New York.

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  1. Please orgenizers, have it videod in high quality, and hopefully this will start a wide-spread awareness that we do have what to say.

  2. You can spot “communicated content” headlines a mile away. Next time it will be a “deluxe and diophantine event.”

  3. sounds like the deck is stacked in favor of Degel.

    Or is this really just a bunch of smoke and mirrors – meant to look even handed?

  4. Im so happy that we will get equal time, and what a good collection of voices.
    its great that well hear from talmidei chachamim that can represent them and their views.
    Ill be there

  5. Great idea to have a sounding box for thoughts, ideas and questions. If the event is kept to these 3 personnel, it can be worthwhile.

  6. As a true achsania of torah the Five Towns will have kedima for the Mirrer Yeshiva if they are C”V forced to leave E”Y

  7. #10: Eytan Kobre will be the chairman.

    #12: Rabbis Ginzberg and Bender have more shaychus to the Torah community in Israel than most Knesset members – they are closer ideologically plus they don’t try to ‘help’ the Bnei Torah by destroying them. Also Eli Paley LIVES there, he LIVES the issues and is an IDF veteran.

    #13: I think we heard enough from Dov Lipman. Maybe it’s time we heard the truth?

  8. Just great.
    People who live in America and are not
    under the gun discussing what to do, about
    things that have no repercussions on their
    mind your own stores and let those
    who are in harms way learn their way out
    of the hole that they put themselves into.

  9. Its great that the charedi community is taking a huge step forward by equipping OURSELVES with a da mah shetashiv

  10. No offense, but I think we all know what the outcome of this dialogue will be: army is wrong, learning is right, etc etc. What is the point in attending?

  11. chaim schmiel: Mr. Paley served in the army.
    Things are not as black and white as they seem to you.

    Maybe if you attend you will find out the truth.
    Plus they are publishing a special issue of Mishpacha next week to explain the facts.

  12. #17 What is the purpose of having an “evening of dialogue” if all views of the issues will not be fairly represented?

  13. Levi: because the anti-Torah views of the issues have already been well-represented, for the past several months and in many media. It is high time that the Torah community has its say.

  14. Levi: There will be ample time for questions and comments. That is why it’s billed as a “town hall” and not an asifah, or just a series of speeches.


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