This Pesach Season let Lakewood Hatzolah Make your LIFE easier!

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There is nothing we want more than Pesach cleaning, cooking, shopping and other preparations to be easier. But, what can we do? After all, isn’t that LIFE?

Not anymore.

Lakewood Hatzolah is giving away some exciting prizes that will change the way you prepare for Yom Tov. Go to or email to enter for free! And, if you share the email with a friend, you get an additional entry for both you and your friend. There is no limit to how many friends you can share this with, so what are you waiting for… hurry and make your LIFE easier now!

Imagine what Pesach would be like if you won a free car cleaning? Our free car cleaning will not only ensure your car will be chametz free and spotless, but if will give you one less project to worry about. Oh, and what about preparing supper for the family while you need to cook for Yom Tov you ask? That’s the amazing prize number 2! We will send your family an amazing, delicious, and of course chometzdik supper (Don’t worry, we’ll try to leave out the items that make crumbs) right before Yom Tov.

There will be two winners, the first will be drawn on April 14 and the second on April 16. So hurry, and enter so that this year before Pesach you will have a LIFE!


Sponsored by an Thankful Lakewood Resident


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