This Purim! Help Us Reach Our Goal and Enable an Agunah to Feed Her Children!

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With only $5,000 more, we will reach our short-term goal!

You can save a family of seven little children! Their poor mother is on her own, after her abusive husband ran away without giving her a divorce. She has no means to support her large family. This mother is frightened, thinking about her staggering balances at the children’s yeshivas, the grocery, and more! How will they have food for Yom Tov? Can we just go on with our life, knowing there are children who don’t have money for basics?

I beg you; please don’t just read on, telling yourself you can’t donate enough to really help; because you CAN make a difference! Every dollar helps!

Must one give money to anyone who asks for charity?

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During the entire year a person is not obligated to give charity to all who ask. He is entitled to investigate the worthiness of each cause and decide which charities deserve priority. However, on Purim one may not refuse any person who may be in a state of poverty and at least a small donation should be given unquestioningly. Whoever gives charity on Purim with an open hand brings great light to the higher worlds and annuls evil decrees.

Excerpted from “Guidelines” – over 250 commonly asked questions about Purim (Targum/Feldheim).

This campaign is endorsed by Rabbi Chaim Kugelman, from BP and is collecting funds alongside the Rav’s tzedakah organization, Chevra Tzoin Kedoshim

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Tizku L’mitzvos!

For any questions, or to hear more about this campaign, please call (347) 598-1029

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